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This is The “Highest form of Patriotism” Edition

  • Principle?  In fairness, Billy,(And Martin)  Sowell’s wording in your quote suggests he was addressing a particular segment of his readership.  I suspect his understanding of the matter to be at least equal to your own regardless that he’s not arguing it on the level you might. Not everyone understand it on your level,and I suppose him to be arguing from a level that segment will understand.  I think he’d have been better served saying  “(Even IF)  you think that any situation you don’t like is a reason to give politicians a blank check for ‘change” instead of what he said. That’s what I get he was trying to say at least. (Shrug)
  • Obama tells Seniors to drop dead:  I think we can take that as a literal statement. So does Doug Ross. I’ve been saying for years that when government runs health care it not your health they’ll be concerned with, but how much your being healthy costs them, thus preventing b their excessive of power. Obama just demonstrated this for us, with rather startling clarity. What amazes me is that anyone ever thought this was going to go down any other way once Democrats were given power. If you think I’m kidding, check Michelle’s post to the point today
  • Meanwhile, in the polls: Rasmsusen says  53% are now opposed to Obamacare. I begin to suspect the Democrats know they’re in serious trouble.  It’s why they’re trying to cram it through.
  • Matter of fact, USELESS TOADY points out that Obama’s not doing as well as Jimmy Carter did, numbers-wise. Remember the walking disaster that Carter was, and do the math.
  • Yet more vindication:  More proof of my call being correct on Obama duplicating Bush in the War On Terror. Oh.. Here at OTB as well.
  • Toomey Ties Specter:  Speaking of polls, the Quinnipiac University Poll says Specter 45% Toomey 44%… within the margin of error.  Remember, gang this is a strong Democrat district.  Bye Bye, Arlen.  It’s going to be hard to judge which will hit your butt first… the door, or the voters boots. I think we can safely ask, however, if this can be taken as indicative in the 2010 election in other races.
  • Where’s all the added taxes plus added deficits lead? VDH tells us.  So does Newt Gingrich.  Far as I can tell these two generally can’t agree on lunch, much less anything more complex.

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