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ramble-stateparkThis is the “Getaway” Edtion

  • We forgive you already. Not Git…. Over at The Conservative Reader Art Smith discusses Mark Sanford. Ya know,  I’m mindful of Jimmy Carter’s admissions in the Playboy interview. Has anyone noticed the different reactions, here? Oh, I know, 1976 was a different time… but isn’t that part of the point?
  • Despite Failure of “Stimulus” to Work as Advertised, President Focuses on Regulatory Schemes, not Economic Recovery So says The Gay Patriot. Don’t think that’s nothing we’ve not been telling you here. Obama’s numbers are going to be at amazing lows by election time. It’s already started.
  • The State of Education under Obama: Let’s make this short and not so sweet. Did anyone notice who Obama’s Secretary of Education is? It’s none other than Arne Duncan, who used to be the big hincho in the Chicago city school system.  The conditions in that system after a few years of Duncan should tell the tale of what out schools will be like nation-wide.  We want these morons running our healthcare system why, again?
  • The Lori Drew Mysteries: I like the idea that the verdict was overturned. I’ve seldom seen a more emotionally based verdict… one that was absent of any actual law, much less one being violated.
  • IowaHawk Ad Agency:Sad part about this is that it’ s so close to the truth.
  • The Coup that wasn’t: Octavio Sánchez tells us that what happened in Honduras was not a coup, regardless what Obama tells us. This is about the rule of law. He’s correct, of course. I still find it disturbing, yet not surprising, that Obama is at every opportunity supporting the leftist dictator… Or, the dictator wannabe.
  • The Church of the bloody obvious: Nick Gillespie at Reason has a full grasp on the obvious.  That’s a little less snarky than it sounds, given that so few have even that ability, anymore.
  • Wrestling Midgets killed by fake prostitutes: Who can resist a headline like that? The location: Mexico city. The lesson: Sometimes tourist traps are not what’s advertised.

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