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This is the Early Days Edition

BitsBlog... The Early Days

BitsBlog... The Early Days

  • The Public is losing trust in Obama: The Politico says:

    Trust in President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies to identify the right solutions to problems facing the country has dropped off significantly since March, according to a new Public Strategies Inc./POLITICO poll.Just as Obama intensifies his efforts to fulfill a campaign promise and reach an agreement with Congress on health care reform, the number of Americans who say they trust the president has fallen from 66 percent to 54 percent. At the same time, the percentage of those who say they do not trust the president has jumped from 31 to 42.

    The president’s party has taken a similar hit since the last Public Trust Monitor poll, with only 42 percent of respondents saying that they trust the Democratic Party, compared with 52 percent who do not. The party’s numbers are nearly the inverse of March’s survey, in which 52 percent said they trusted Democrats and 42 percent did not.

    Quite predictable, actually. I told you for years that the biggest reason to vote Republican is Democrats in power. It seems the voters are starting to understand that point first hand. There’s more at the link of course.

  • It’s even worse:  The Gallup poll agrees with the PSI polling, and takes it a step farther:

    WASHINGTON — Qualms about President Obama’s stewardship of the economy are growing, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, as Americans become more pessimistic about when they predict the recession will end.
    At six months in office, Obama’s 55% approval rating puts him 10th among the 12 post-World War II presidents at this point in their tenures. When he took office, he ranked seventh

    All of which leads us to ask at wh

  • It’s not just an ipod….  It’s a lighter, too.
  •  Healthcare?  No, it’s all about government power. Boortz has a great one of this today.
  • And about central control: Reynolds mentions Kindle:

MORE ON THE KINDLE SCANDAL: “Now, that we’ve discovered that Amazon can remotely and automatically delete your books without your knowledge or consent, what’s to stop Amazon, some other company, or the government from not merely deleting it, but replacing it with an edited version? Nothing.” This is, I’m afraid, inherent in any e-book system with centralized control….

So says Glenn Reynolds. And that’s important, certainly. But now, let’s ponder in that light, the implications of a centralized database of healthcare records, shall we?

  • They just don’t understand: Dan Riehl says GOP operatives, as he calls them, don’t undestand the Tea Party movement.. Well, I will point out that I’ve been addressing this since the off, both here at at Pajamas Media, particularly here and here, by saying they DO in fact understand it… and see it… correctly… as a threat.
  •  Steele has a grip on the obvious: Look, guys, Steele may not be the brightest flashlight in the drawer, but if even he figures this stuff out….
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