Hello to Mr And Mrs America and to all the ships at sea, and welcome to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphereThe BitsBlog Nightly Ramble.

ramble-amtk525This is the Commuter train Edition.

  • Coleman Conceeds: I have to say I rather expected it to happen, eventually, but figured it would go to the USSC before it did happen. In the longer term I really must wonder if this isn’t a good thng. Boortz describes Franken as “A true void surrounded by a sphincter muscle”.  And he knows the guy.  Think of it…after 8 months of tooth and nail, ending up with  Stuart Smalley being the face of the Democrat Party. Think that’s not going to play into things in 2010? That and the stolen election, of course.
  • Republicans moving right?  American Glob thinks so.
  • Oh, Canada:  You do know it’s Canada Day, today, right? A good day to our Canadian readers.  I’m hearing private Healthcare is booming in Canada. Apparently the people there have learned the lesson at last.
  • The Hamilton- Buffalo Baby Exchange:  Speaking of Canada and Healthcare, it appears our premature birth case from Hamilton  I spoke of a few days ago has been reuited with it’s parental units, when Border Agents allowed the couple to cross into US territory. Apparently, the US is not the ogre some were making us out to be. But just as apparently, Canada’s Healthcare system  is. 
  • Wal-Mart and Healthcare:  WalMart is now saying it suppsorts government madated healthcare.  I think James Joyner has this one right.

    James Joyner

    James Joyner

    Wal-Mart is already providing health insurance for its employees at enormous expense and would love to have its competitors forced to do likewise.Big firms routinely lobby for government regulations that increase barriers to entry into their business and make it harder for others to compete with them. That Wal-Mart can do that in this instance while coming off as altruistic is an added bonus.

    Right on the money, James.

  • I’ve got your “Hope and Change”, right here: We’ve lost another half million jobs, and the pace of job losses are getting worse  and home prices are falling, as a direct result of Obama and the Democrat party polices. Obama’s answer? Increased taxes. Bigger government. Yeah, that’ll work, huh?
  • Meanwhile, in that same hemisphereThe Obamites continue to support the Marixst in Honduras.
  • Darwinian Alert: Micheal Jackson fans are committing suicide over his death.
  • Run you down:  Via John Hawkins and the Conservative Grapevine, we see notes of interest from Runners world. Apparently we have the makings of a grudge match between Sarah Palin and PresBO.

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