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Very Punny.

This is the short Edition. We’re leading into a holiday, and I’m a little pressed for time, so… today’s Ramble is a little shorter than some.

  • Selling Access That story rarely are today about the Washington Post selling access to its news lines, they are now busily backpedaling from saying that the flier wasn’t properly vetted. The White House is also denying the story, of course.  But as Helen Thomas observed “What the hell do they think we are, puppets?” you’ll forgive me if I’m less than accepting of the denials surrounding this.  Let’s say for the sake of argument that they are selling access to those in power, or they are not.  In either event, would anyone be able to tell the difference?  The mainstream media in this country has been on the pocket of the liberals for so long, there would be no discernible difference in what passes for news .  Amazingly, the MSM isn’t taking too kindly to some of the new media having prepackaged questions at the White House. I guess it’s just a matter of competition.  Rather like the blogger ethics panel we heard so much about a while ago.  Anyone remember that stupidity?
  • Question of the Day : Glenn Reyonds asks: “IS OVERREGULATION killing entrepreneurship in America?” Good lord and a quarter!  How can we have arrived at this point, with this remaining a question?
  • Cracks in the Facade: Quinnipiac University National Poll says that Obama’s disapproval ratings are going ever higher. Mostly, on the economy.  Again, this was a question?
  • Promises not kept: As an example, let’s consider how the stimulus is working out.  Does anybody recall that we were told we had to pass the stimulus right away if we’re going to keep the unemployment runner 6%?  We’re currently at nine and a half percent. conventionally these promises he’s not keeping are going to catch up to in.  With any luck, it’ll be about the time of next year’s midterms.
  • The Top Ten: In case you hadn’t noticed, Fox News has the top ten shows on cable news.  All of them.  CNN, for their part, has fallen to third place.

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