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This is the “Bottle of Wine” Edition

  • RELEASE THE TAPES:  Moe Lane thinks they ought to release the police tapes made during the incident between Crowley and Gates. I tend to agree. I’d be interested in the 911 tapes of the original call, too. I note Tom McGuire making the same noises. Says Tom:

    …if the Cambridge Police Dept had besmirched my behavior and deportment by telling people I was “tumultuous” and acting strangely, I would demand the release of the dispatcher tapes to blow away their lies. Ending the cop cover-up would be my idea of a teachable moment – yeah, I would give those guys something to move on, all right (after they were out of earshot), but clearly I am a lesser man.ramble-shard1

    Yeah, well….. That Gates didn’t DO that seems a solid indication that he doesn’t think his argument would withstand such a release. McGUuire goes further, suggesting that if the tapes made Gates look good, they’d already have been released.  He’s got a point, there, kids.

  • AND ABOUT THAT:  Sorry, Radley… I’m not buying it. The cop didn’t abuse his power by way of racism or otherwise. The one who was heaping abuse here was Gates. Boortz points up today that any ‘duologue on race’ involving Gates (And I would add, Obama) would tend to exclude….

    …what percentage of home break-ins in and around Boston and Cambridge are committed by blacks. There is no way you might be able to suggest that the police were acting on experience given the fact that blacks are more likely to be involved in criminal activity in the Boston area than whites or other minorities. And you damned sure wouldn’t be able to bring the idea that much of the problems experienced by the black community are due to culturalism rather than racism.Don’t even begin to suggest that it might be black culture, rather than poverty and discrimination, which lead to high incidences of black crime. And for God’s sake, don’t mention the anti-education, anti-learning mentality that suffocates so many young black boys and girls. You know —- the culture in which a young black teenager is accused of trying to “act white” if he or she so much as raises a hand to ask a question in class.

    Boortz is correct, of course. He brings an argument I’ve been waging on this site for years,and on the web in total for nearly two decades, now. It’s that kind of dishonesty he points up, that has always been at the center of this thing. And you’ll never, never never get Gates, or Obama to admit that salient point.

  • PALIN:  Speaking of Boortz, he’s got some vid up on Palin’s farewell address. I can’t help but wonder if Palin isn’t playing the leftist press for the fools they are. After all, what could she have done to get more press … and more favorable polling reax…than what’s been done by her and her team already?
  • MICHELLE’S NEW BOOK:  Yeah, I think this one’s gonna sell. Matter of fact, I’ll be ordering a copy tonight. No, I’m not getting a thing for the mention. Call it a thank you for all the linky goodness over the years.
  •  SAY WHAT?!!?!  According to a WaPo poll, Conservatives outnumber Liberals in AMerica by a 2 to 1 margin. Makes one wonder mhow we ended up with this government. I suspect what’s behind that is a conservative rejection of liberal Republicans. Like, John McCain, for one.

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