A follow-up of Eric’s  Ramble:

Never Mind: So now, Joe Biden is willing to admit that everyone guessed wrong on how the stimulus was going to work out. well, no, not everyone, Joe.

Just Democrats. as specifically, those associated with the Obama administration, and those who are paid to tell Obama and company what they want to hear. Biden also allowed as how the millions of jobs ‘saved’ now ends up being substantially smaller than the Democrat spin had it, too. So, the BS’ed their way through puttinga record debtload on us and our children for generations forward? Gee, how comforting to know we’re getting hope… and change

The strutting Delaware Blue Hen, Joe Biden, keeps digging the hole deeeper, viidoe:

Hat tip:    Sweetness & Light.

Trancript:  DRJ, Patterio Pontifications.

Having dug his hole  Geoff, Innocent Bystanders, kindly fills in the hole:

  • Obama reminds GOP in stimulus meeting: “I won” (Hot Air): 1/23/09
  • House passes stimulus plan, but with no Republican votes (McClatchy): 1/28/09
  • Pence Opposes Democrat Stimulus Bill: “It Won’t Work”: 1/28/09
  • Economists say stimulus won’t work (St. Louis Post-Dispatch): 1/29/09
  • Analysis: Stimulus Won’t Jump-start Economy (AP): 2/13/2009
  • Sen. Cornyn: Stimulus Won’t Work (Fox): 2/13/09
  • Republican Governors Step Up Attacks on Obama Economic Policies (Bloomberg): 2/23/09

Hat tip:  Laura W, Ace of Spades Hq.

Bottom line for Joe and the Obamatards:  You broke it, you own it.

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