I haven’t felt this worth commenting on, but…


The State newspaper in South Carolina is reporting that Gov. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., has been located as of Wednesday morning — in the Atlanta airport.

That’s after his whereabouts were unknown since last Thursday. And it turns out he was in Argentina for the past seven days — not, as his staff had said, hiking the Appalachian Trail.
ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The case of the missing governor has a new twist.


Oh, will you all please just friggin

STOP IT!!!!!!

Shut UP, sit DOWN, drop a lude or three, and RELAX for a moment.

It jolly well amazes me that so many who are used to dealing with press feeding frenzies don’t recognize the cause behind them, yet.

I’ll point out the historical fact that Teddy R used to go off grid rather a lot, while president.  You may notice that we survived it. OTOH, we back in those days, weren’t so totally dpendant on government, either.  I mean, loo, whose lives got changed, here? What are the risks involved? Not much, really. An elected official drops out of sight for a short time, and the press (Who really doesn’t want to see Republicans elected anyway) gets all hot and bothered?

Bottom line: The frenzy we’re seeing wouldn’t be occurring but for a possible presidential run against the One, and for that dependency government that demands government figures to always be the visible ‘father figure’… or is it big brother figure? I don’t remember, anymore. You guys are letting yourselves get used to whip this nothing up to something, bythe press. You remember who controls THEM now, don’t you? Need a reminder? Check out ABC tonight.
Get the picture?

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