A common description of the one’s presser was “testy”.    Here a flavor from, Michael Scherer, Time:

Jackson was not the only reporter the President cut off. When NBC’s Chuck Todd asked for the second and third time what consequences Iran would face for violating the human rights of election demonstrators, Obama protested. “I answered. I answered,” the President said, giving no concrete answer at all. “I answered your question, which is that we don’t know how this is going to play out. O.K.?” Obama queried rhetorically, clearly not caring what Todd thought.

Then don’t take my word for it,  go to the video:


Hat tip video:  Politco Wire.

Any effect begs for an explanation,  and here we have one, from Walter Shapiro, Politics Daily:

Barack Obama, as everyone knows, is one of the most disciplined, controlled and unflappable political leaders in modern times. Except when he grows testy. And during Tuesday afternoon’s press conference, the president’s inability to mask mild annoyance was on full display.


Instead, I am bringing this up because I want to tentatively advance a larger theory about the president’s public moods. Obama tends to drop his cool veneer and sound exasperated when he knows that he is in the wrong.

It is a natural human craving for power over another.   If I can push your buttons, I have power.    Clearly President Spock has a lot of buttons, and is very inept at hiding them.   Alas for poor Spock,  living in a delusional Obamaland is simply not adequate prepartion for real life and the real world.

Then on the bright side, the one’s policies are clearly moronic.   The so-called stimulus plan has crashed the economy.   If Shapiro’s Law is true,  Obama gets testy when he knows he is wrong, at least the one is smart enough to know that he is wrong.   The president is not a total moron.

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