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The LA TIMES is Scared to Death

How would we have reacted if TMZ had been wrong about Michael Jackson’s death?

That’s the question of the moment at the LA TIMES. [1]

In answer, it would likely be a lot louder than if the Times had screwed that one up. Ya see, we expect the MSM to screw things up.

TMZ would have been called every name in the book, and the MSM would have been the ones leading the way. But if the L.A. times had managed to file that one up, it would’ve been passed off as some excuse or another; bad communication, bad information and the hurry to get the headline, and so on. 

The fact of the matter is that the mainstream media has succeeded in becoming irrelevant.  Not just by its phony devotion to accountability. Let’s face it, with so many mainstream media outlets in the tank for Obama and the Democrat party anyone describing the mainstream media as accountable than anybody will get laughed out of the room.  The irrelevancy of the mainstream media has been its own doing also by virtue of it being the last to put out “official” reports on anything. Hiding behind the blatant lie of “accountability” simply doesn’t cut it anymore.  By the time the mainstream media gets around to something, everybody already knows it. 

Which may explain, come to think of it, why the mainstream media is the last one to know of its own irrelevancy.