small-car-crashThe President has demanded a raising of CAFE standards by some 30%.  The only way to get to this level is make cars and trucks smaller and lighter. Problem is, it also makes cars and trucks less crashworthy.

 Some 2000 deaths annually are caused even by the CAFE standards we had in place before the Annointed One came along.  It’s about to get worse. I examine this topic in some detail in my most recent Pajamas Media piece, this morning: The Hidden Death Toll of Higher CAFE Standards.

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2 Responses to “The Deadly CAFE”

  1. Back around the turn of the 19th century the auto industry was paid off by the oil industry to cease all development of the electric car.  So America wound up with fossil fuel cars instead of Electric cars and the rest is history.

    Today there is a company in Israel that makes a product available for around $200 retail in quantites of one that can be attached to any gasoline engine.

    This product, which has no moving parts, has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

    If every new Amerian car, truck, bus etc were built with this part than the CAFE would approach 35 mpg within 5 years without having to tax anyone or any of this cap and trade garbage.  This product also reduces emissions consistent with its decrease in fuel consumption per mile.

    It is being sold in Europe right now.

  2. I’ve read about that. It won’t withstand American use.

    In any event, your consiracy theories don’t fly. The fact is the technology was nowhere near practical then, and despite huge amounts of investment isn’t ready now, except for very short hauls in Southern California or Miami, where weather isn’t an issue.