In last night’s Ramble, I alluded to a forthcoming  article  of mine over at Pajamas Media.

It’s up this morning, and about as subtle as a hand grenade.

At every turn since becoming president, as various problems have presented themselves, Barack Obama has raised the power of government over people (usually the least accountable government possible, his pledge for transparency notwithstanding) and eschewed the free market solution. He’s taken over the banks and the auto companies. He’s now working on taking over health care. He’s appointed “czars” who are not accountable to any elected authority and who even Democratic Senator Robert Byrd insists are unconstitutional.

These are not the actions of someone who thinks freedom paramount. Clearly government, and not freedom, is Obama’s panacea.

With this is mind, why are we so shocked and amazed when he refuses to stand up for freedom for the people of Iran? He’s already made it consistently clear that he doesn’t support freedom. Rather, he thinks government is the solution for every problem.

It’s available here.

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2 Responses to “Speak Out for Freedom, Mr. President”

  1. I concur.  Off the top of my head, the Obamatard in Chief has compared himself to many presidents.  Let me see, Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Reagan.  What ever one of these presidents have done, and what Obama has not, is to speak forcefully in favor of freedom.  I dare say the one may the most freedomphobic president ever.

    Obama has all the moral vision of Jimmy Carter, but none of the courage.

  2. Tx.
    I’ll be most interested to see the comments as they come in, over there.