I haven’t commented on this Tiller thing yet, mostly because  there hardly seems a point in discussing at any length, something that wasn’t “all in”, as yet. You will admit the story broke rather quickly. I didn’t comment on it at all, (here, or elsewhere…) though David did pretty well with it, here, insofar as laying down the facts as they became known.

Even from the outset, my instinct was the reaction to the story was overblown… intentionally so. 

Myself, I find it hard to get too worked up in either direction for the moment.  I mean, let’s face it, gang… one guy being shot isn’t national news.  It happens quite a few times per day.  It most certainly doesn’t rise to the level of ‘terrorism’ as some put it. The reason the ‘sphere are collectively wetting their panties right now, is because the guy shot was an abortionist.  So unreasonably loud was the howl over this one in fact one cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t orchestrated so. For the most part these are leftists…. who are people already used to making noise far in excess of their actual numbers. Frankly, a lot of the traffic on this issue, seems to me to be pushed by a group of people making use of a network of noisemankers… such as what Dale Franks comments on at Q&O this morning.  I think we can take this as an indication of the number of orginaized mouthpieces on the web right now.

Joyner notes yesterday, that

Andrew Sullivan and a goodly number of left-of-center bloggers I read blame Bill O’Reilly and other more-or-less mainstream conservative commentators for adding to an environment that made murdering Tiller more likely. I reject that argument wholeheartedly.

I, too. Unless of course, we’re going to see the left admit that their non-stop bleeding on all things to the right of Fidel Castro, increases violence against Republicans. And it’s interesting how the word “‘Terrorism” has been rediscovered by the left, to be applied to this thing.  Of course, they’ll say nothing about the idea that the killing of Tiller has been condemmed by every mainstream pro-life group.

At the bottom line,, then, is an attempt at martyrdom for Tiller.  What we also have is a group of people, who in the words of Rahm Emanuel, don’t waste any ‘crisis’. Regardless of your views on abortion, that much must be acknowledged. Thus is the argument of the pro-abortion types diminished by their own conduct.

All that absent the abotion issue itself.  Start adding abortion to the discussional mix, however, and the situation makes a rather foundational change.  There seems to me am internal conflict inherent in arguing, as the noisemakers have been doing on this,  that Tiller as a victim was wronged, and that his death was wrong, but that Tiller’s victims… those aborted… were not wronged.  That position is a sure-fire turn off to anyone not pro-abortion.

And I question the timing. As Michelle Malkin suggests:

Tiller’s family is grieving. Those who have jumped to score political points before Tiller is even buried are no better than the Phelps family thugs of the “Westboro Baptist Church” who respect no bounds of civility.

But then, we’ve come to expect that from the left, haven’t we?  We’ve also come to expect a double standard applied. Sister Toldjah points to Bill Ayers and suggests he’s an unrepentant terrorist, as well.  Quite right. As with hate laws, which I’ve discussed here several times, it’s not that you hate, it’s whom. It’s not that you employ violence, it’s against whom that matters to these morons.

Just things to consider as we watch this parade.

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