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This is the Camper Edition

  • Whistle Blowers and principles?  You know, when cases like this came up while Bush (either one) was in office, I used to take it on the chin from some well-meaning folks, who expressed concern… (I guess that’s a gentle way to put it) that I was not sticking to my principles, when I questioned the intent of people blowing whistles on Republicans. Glenn Reynolds, this morning, points to a Byron York article called How Republicans Can Crack the Americorps Scandal.  and says:

    You’d hope, of course, that Democrats would be concerned about abuses of executive power, too.
    They used to be . . . .

    Well, exactly. John Hinderaker wades in here, too.  Here it is:  I have never been convinced that Democrats were arguing from principle, when they’re constantly screaming about everything Republicans do, while having an extensive record of ignoring the abuses of their own, and even loudly defending them. Their reax on this most recent round of Obama abuses re the IG’s including Walpin goes directly to that point. I take claims to principle on all this as so much bilge, when my opposition is so clearly operating in a pure partisan and unprincipled manner. Until such time as I’m convinced they’re arguing from principle, it’s naught but the usual liberal partisanship. It should be dealt with on that level. How will I know we’re dealing with a principled argument? When I see Democrats start blowing whistles on their own….demanding an investigation into the misdeeds of their own….Obama, Dodd, Jefferson, Barney Frank, and so on. Until then, until I see that happen, they’re engaged in partisan attacks while hiding under “principle’ .  It’s merely a garbage ploy and should be treated as such. And I will, here. It’s that simple.  As an example:

  • Courage? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  That’s what the White House Muckties are now calling the firing of Gerald Walpin.  Talk about your ultimate spin.
  • No Census: You know she’s right. You KNOW Acorn is collecting data. Why feed the beast?
  • Did you like those forclosures?  Get yourself ready for round two. Hope and change, and all that.
  • Yeah, I saw the bit with  Babs “da Bitch” Boxer… And I use her title since she worked so hard to get it.  I figure the military has never been popular with the left anyway, so it it wasn’t a lack of the exact stroking her ego thinks her ‘position’ requires, to get her to be tacky AND clueless, it would have been some other nit she’d pick. Now, what she actually did to get the title of senator, much less what she’s done since then to deserve the title Senator since then, is another question altogether. Next to nothing, in my view. But she did earn her nickname. It’s well-deserved.
  • Hey Steve:

    Yes, the HONEYMOON IS OVER hype is overblown. But it is a legitimate story.

    Yeah, well, maybe how overblown it is should be judged within the framework of the degree to which pre-election stories about his popularity were overblown by a press trying to create their own reality?  As a buddy used to say; It ain’t where you’re at, it’s where you’re goin’… The speed with which Obama’s numbers are falling here is the story. The support he’s had has always been fragile at best, as the current numbers and the direction they’re taking makes very clear.

  • No, Neal…  I’m sure you’ve missed a few things, but even the list you have there would be enough to explain someone being removed from office. Assuming they weren’t a Democrat, at least.
  •  Here’s a clue, Barry:  When you’ve lost your own doctor on your attempts at government takeover of healthcare, you’ve seriously screwed up.
  • Play for Pay a way of life with Democrats… including Obama. 19 ambassadorships went for sale?
  • The Great apology  continues unabated. Remember I spoke this morning about self-hating Democrats?  Case in point.
  • Hey, RIAA: Isn’t it about time you quit this nonsense?

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