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  • Disgusted: I see Ed Whalen has apologized. It’s my considered opinion he was not in the wrong and had nothing to apologize for, and indeed treated “Publius” far too gently, if anything.  But he’s now given the left what they wanted;  he’s sounded full retreat.   The only lesson being taught here in the end, is that if a liberal screams loud enough, everyone else falls over, including people who should have far more courage. Like, we didn’t know that already, right?  Personally, I’m disgusted with this turn of events. (Spit)
  • Oops: Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s nomination to the USSC, fractured her ankle, yesterday.  She’ll be OK, we’re sure. But is there anything in the idea that the one she fractured was her RIGHT ankle?
  • The world-wide collapse of the left: With the vote results from Europe coming in, wherein the left is getting handed it’s collectivist ass... the EU falling from favor, and now with Englands regional elections handing Labor a defeat it’ll take 20 years to recover from,  and even in our own country with the huge defeat for the left out in California with the propositions leftists favored being defeated by huge margins,  and ‘states rights’ legislation popping up all over, I submit the anger against the left is an established fact. Of course, I’ve said this before.  But don’t be too quick to view this huge defeat of the left as a victory for the right, yet,says American Thinker’s Bruce Walker. I think that’s correct. The lesson, here is that people around the world are unified on one point. They don’t want the left running things. The degree to which this defeat for the left becomes a victory for the right, then, depends on how much the right seperates itself from the policies espoused by the left. For the American Republican party, that means moving away from trying to be ‘liberal lite”.
  • Drill, Baby, Drill  is being heard again. About damned time. You do know that since Obama was placed in office, and he stopped all discussion of added offshore drilling, the price of oil has doubled? Gee, no connection there is there?
  • California is doing WHAT with welfare?  They’re seriously considering eliminating it. Now THERE’S a reason to move to California.
  • instyBoycott GM?  I’ve made the comment in the recent past that I may have purchased my last GM product, since I’m not at all interested in supporting the UAW.  So, along comes Reynolds, today:

    RUSH LIMBAUGH calling for a boycott of GM products. This is actually serious, as I believe his listeners were formerly big GM fans. Then again, judging by the latest Rasmussen Poll, a boycott seems to have self-organized already..

    Well, look, he wasn’t calling for a boycott as much as saying he wouldn’t be shocked it it happened. And by the lights of the poll Glenn links, he’s right; it’s already happening. This comment from Limbaugh, though, goes directly to something about him I’ve said many times, in these spaces;  Limbaugh’s biggest talent is identifying what people are already thinking, and saying it better, and with greater logical force. People don’t jump on Limbaugh’s bandwagon, as much as he jumps on theirs. That’s not a bad thing. Indeed…. Were that more pols did the same.

  •  Bye bye, Globe: Looks from here like the Boston Globe is on borrowed time. The cause? Unions, of course.
  •  I don’t own flip-flops… So there.
  •  Unemplyment:  Does anyone remember Obama saying we were going to keep unemployment at under 8%? With unemployment now at 9.5% and rising, that promise seems to have been forgotten. Of course now we’re seeing predictions by those watching of 11% unemployment or higher.

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