It may be a mangling of Newt Gingrich and Walter E. Williams, but there is a sure fire way to get rid of stupid laws, make them universally appliicable   That is the people who enact the laws have to live by them.   Or in the case government healthcare, die by them.

As it stands right now,  Senator Oldsmobile, a/k/a Teddy Kennedy, is sponsoring, and pushing,  a healthcare bill that would have provisions for standards of care that Kennedy has no desire accept for himself,   The Kennedy bill would exempt members of Congresss from the standards of care Congress would impose on the public.   Betsy McCaughey, Wall Street Journal, proposes a simple test:

[W]hatever health-insurance law is passed should apply to members of Congress. If it isn’t good enough for them, it shouldn’t be imposed on the rest of us

If Knnnedy’s proposed standards of care are not good enough for him, they are not good enough for you.

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