As I predicted here this afternoon, it came down to less than 10 votes… 219 to 212,  Eight Republicans backed the bill, and 44 Democrats voted against it.

Every one of the people who voted for this bill should be removed from office immediately.  Believe me when I tell you I’m not exaggerating were overreacting.  It is my firm belief that they have betrayed their country and their districts. Those Republicans that voted for it, and I don’t have that information yet, particularly need to be removed from office.  I will give the GOP some credit.  Chairman Michael Steele issued a statement against the Democrats who voted for the bill.  Problem is, he didn’t make a statement against the Republicans who voted for the bill.  In my view, this is the first test for Michael Steele. He needs to act against those Republicans that voted for this bill. They need to be removed from the party.  Barring that action being taken, we should remove Mr. Steele as well and replace him with someone that will lead the party away from the “me too” socialism we’ve seen so much of, lately.

Nobody even bothered reading the thing before voting on it.  We saw that with the initial stimulus bill, didn’t we?

We also see where that got us.

I’ve been hearing stuff coming out of Washington all day, about the way congressmen were being cajoled, and quite literally bribed.  Bought off.  Pelosi coming to Congressman Whatshisname, and saying Congressman, what do you need to change your mind on this bill? Pork projects? No problem. A bridge to nowhere?  No problem. are we in comrade Putin’s Russia? is this the land of Hugo Chavez?  Is this north Korea?  I ask because I suggest based on what we’ve seen today that the politics are indistinguishable, one from the other.  That kind of thing has no place in these United States. This is a level of corruption, that years ago would have resulted in trials, and convictions.   And yet, look who we have in office.

So now, it goes on to the Senate.  Democrat Senators bragging that they’ve got this when sewn up. The pressures on both sides over there are already ramping up.   I’m telling you folks, if this gets signed into law it is a stake in the heart of the American economy.  There is no gentle way to put it.  If this thing … this bureaucratic nightmare, crosses the oval office desk, America is done.  Over. Why?

This is the largest tax increase in American history…… Just at the time when we can least stand the extra taxation.  If you really wanna get the economy moving again, the best way is to start domestic drilling.  Open up the use of coal or oil natural gas and nuclear.  Remove added taxation and let the free market flow.  But no, the Democrats want to increase the role of government, decrease the role of private industry, and place the burden for it on the shoulders the American people,  and it’s all being pushed under the guise of “climate change”.  The concept that man can have any effect whatsoever on the environment as a whole, is little more than fairy tale to begin with.  But even assuming that was a real issue, and not a made up one,   placing these lead weights on the feet of the American economy in the midst of a recession , is certain to drag the economy to the bottom.  It is sheer madness, if recovering from this economy and putting America back on track is it all on the agenda.

To that point, it has become increasingly hard over the last several days and weeks to conclude that actual recovery for the economy is the priority of the Democrats.  Given the evidence, the unavoidable conclusion is that they are about intentionally killing America.

Look at the pattern; whatever government has been lessened, the economy takes off like a shot, and we are in good times.  Increased the role of government, and the reverse happens.  Now look at what’s been happening under the democrats.   The government in the last five months has taken over the car companies, taken over the banks, taken over the insurance companies, and has successfully put itself in the driver’s seat of every single business in this country, large and small  to an extent that our founders would have never dreamed of, and indeed fought a revolution to free themselves of such government intervention.   They have injected themselves into the pockets of ourselves and our children to an extent that we can even estimate yet given that the final figures aren’t in.

So, with all of this, the question now becomes what is it going to take to get the American people to rise up against this massive government takeover?  I know very well, that when it starts impacting people in the wallet is when they’re going to start complaining, and complaining bitterly, and reacting.  The problem with that is, it’ll already have been too late.  The damage will have been done.

Addendum: Michelle Malkin has the lists of Republicans who voted for the bill, and the Democrats who voted against it, and has comments of her own. So does Bruce.

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