No question what the biggest story yesterday was.

The Biggest story yesterday was an 88 year old nutbag walking into the Holocaust museum in DC and opening up with a long gun. Not suprisingly, the lone gunman was a Neo-Nazi.

Just as unsurpising, the security guard hadn’t even died yet, much less the blood dried before the usual leftie suspects trotted out their point making efforts, which ended up making more noise in the sphere than the chatter about the original event.  I won’t link them, but the claims include the worthiness of gun bans and the DHS report on former Military being a threat, is now to be considered valid, based on this event.

Of course, several questions arise, all of them uncomfortable to those making such claims.   

First among these: How was this guy not already labeled a threat… and treated as such… even absent that politically motivated DHS ‘report” on the basis of a long history which was out there for everyone to see?  The fact is, this guy was a well-known nutbag, even absent the much vaunted DHS report, and was able to act, despite all laws to the contrary.  The evidence of this guy’s being a nutter has been there for decades, now. So this validates the DHS report how, again? 

Secondly, how is it that he managed to get a long gun into a building supposedly protected by metal detectors, which itself is smack dab in the middle of  a “victim disarming zone”?  So much for the law, and so much for the anti-Heller argument we’re seeing brewing on the left just now over this.

It would seem there’s a few holes in the leftie theory. 

For a historical perspective, same goes for McViegh, for that matter.  As I pointed out at the time, there was much in the way of evidence already on this guy, before that event.  Yet we never saw it coming?  Why not?

 Of course, as Clinton found with McVeigh, it’s all much easier to blame the whole thing on talk radio, and a vast right wing conspiracy, to blame the whole thing on your political enemies huh?  Tar them all with the ‘extremist’ label, to damn them by association. We’ve already seen some of this, and we’ll see more from the left over the next few days. No large predictive feat, this… we see it every damned time.   This thing is going to take a year at least to go through the court system, and will see huge coverage the whole way… I won’t be amazed to see CNN and MSNBC going wall to wall on it. each ‘report’ giving new opportunity for the usual suspects there, and on the ‘Sphere to further cast aspersions on the right. Just the thing going into an election cycle, if you’re a leftist seeking something to focus attention on, other than the massive failure your party has been with things like the economy, etc.


James W. von Brunn

The rest of this is also eminently predictable… we’ve seen it in Germany and Russia and around half the third world over the years. the removal of those tarred by association, from society, the discrediting of dissenting voices, as we head for the “great goal”.    Based on what we’ve seen out of The Obamanation so far I wouldn’t put any of it past them, would you, really? It all fits, and  all too neatly.

As to the motivation of von Brunn, look; this one’s simple enough. He’s 88. Close on the end of the run.  I suspect “Suicide by Security Guard”… Instead of home in bed helpless, he wanted to die in a blaze of glory fighting against “the Jews”, to be a martyr to “the cause”…   And of course, true to form,  he fouled even that pathetic action up.