Doctor Krauthammer on Obama:

He is throwing trillions around on social spending, a lot of which he has admitted will be wasted, because it’s just in the essence of it.

But look at where he actually cuts. He takes off a billion dollars of missile defense at a time when Iran and North Korea are developing missiles that are going to threaten us and the world. And half of these cuts of the $17 billion are out of defense.

Again, you know, if he is going to spend billions everywhere on everything, why would he shut down the assembly line for an F-22, which is already ongoing. Talk about shovel ready, it is ready and going.

So his priority is cut defense and spend everything on anything everywhere else. And that, I think, tells us a lot about what he wants to accomplish.

Doesn’t it, though? For one thing,  it shows us that what Obama is really about is leaning us toward his brand of socilaism and against the US being the military power in the world, in favor of turning ath task over to the UN.

Gee, does anyone really figure out freedom is going to matter much when he gets done with the office of POTUS?

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