If Orrin Hatch is right, the Obamatards are keen on slipping through a  Supreme Court justice before she can get vetted by the public, Manu Raju and Johnathan Martin, P0litico:

After talking to President Barack Obama on the phone today, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch says he believes the White House will move swiftly on its Supreme Court nominee, perhaps making an announcement by the end of this week.

Obama made no timing commitments to the Utah Republican, but the senator, who has been in the middle of several pitched Supreme Court battles, said: “I’d be surprised if it went beyond this week. … I would think by the end of this week or over the weekend, he’ll nominate somebody. I’m sure they’ve discussed this internally, back and forth for months now

So what is team Obama’s hurry.   Even the best of presidents can make a mistake on the Supreme Court.   Dwight Eisenhower appointed William Brennan, Jr,  Ronald Reagan named  Sandra Day O’Connor and George (Forty-One) Bush named David Souter.   Not a sterling appoint in the lot and Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush administrations did not have the flawed vetting process that produces Tom Dashcle, Tim Geither, Hillary Clinton or Janet Napolitano.

In other words, the Obama administration yet to learn how to properly vet anybody, but reportedly want to do a Supreme Court justice in week.

In light of the the Judicial Confirmation Network(conservative) is asking the brakes to be applied, via Matt Lewis, Inside Politics Daily:

While we don’t know for sure the veracity of these reports, Senator Hatch (who spoke with the President yesterday) ventured to guess that the White House might name a Supreme Court nominee within a week. And from what we have seen so far, Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy seems eager to ram through Obama judicial nominees without giving Senators a proper chance to evaluate the nominee’s record and assess whether she will be able to uphold her statutory judicial oath of office to dispense justice impartially, according to the law, instead of tilting the law based on her own personal views and feelings, as the President has said he wants.

Obama has a profound profession for mediocrity.   No time like the present to start doing it right.

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