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The Burger, the Mustard, the Cover-up And the Hysteria

In a staged pseudo-news event, the White House arranged their network record to cover Barack Obama and Joe Biden trip to local burger joint.    That MSNBC sees fit take orders for the White House and what cover and tries to foist off a burger run as if it were news is bad enough.

However in an attempt to look like B.J. Clinton, the previous president to make a going out for a burger into a staged campaign event, Obama came out sounding more like John Kerry.   The one ordered a medium-well burger with cheddar cheese and spicy mustard.  OK, the one, doesn’t know much about diplomacy, economics, and now burgers.    We already knew that Obama is an ignoramus, albeit an snobbish one.    No big deal.

The big deal was that Obama’s lap dog, and network of record,  MSNBC, tried to cover up the Kerry like aspect of Obama order.    Enter one William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection, who saw fit to report on both MSNBC’s absurd coverage of a non-news event and their attempted, and botched, cover-up, “”Thou Shall Not Mock Obama’s Mustard [1].” 

In response the leftards have gone hysterical.   No make they, have become even more hysterical.   Impossible to give credence to any group so stupid as to think Cindy Sheehan was somehow authentic,     That waswhile she was opposed George W. Bush, but now utterly irrelevant as she is opposing Nancy “Speaker Tablecloth” Pelosi.

Moe Lane [2] compares the left reactions to dogs.   Moe is being unkind, to dogs.Garbage Plate [3]

Finally, if the one travels to Rochester, and provided he promises not further raise my taxes,  I will offer to buy him a real burger [4].   French’s isn’t a local thing anymore,   I am agnostic on the one’s choice of mustard, but the burnt is out.  Medium rare is in.

Sorry, I won’t be able to give the one the recipe for the sauce.    In Rochester sauce recipes are proprietary secrets.   Alas.