If Mario Armando Lavandeira b/k/a Perze Hilton was trying to stiffle free expression on the Internet and to put a halt to beiing used for sport, like the one’s promise to slow the raise of the oceans, Lavandeira has utterly failed.    Simon Owens, Bloggasm, examiness Lavandeira bogus copy right claims:

Perez HiltonThe gossip blogger sent DMCA takedown notices for a YouTube video because it shows three seconds from his video blog. But does the ad constitute fair use? 

By the time YouTube removed an ad from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) due to a DMCA takedown request, the video had already received thousands of views. The takedown notice had been sent to the video sharing site from representatives of Mario Armando Lavandeira – who blogs under the pseudonym Perez Hilton – and claimed that because the ad features about three seconds of footage from Perez’s video blog, it violates his copyright. Representatives also sent a cease and desist order on Friday to NOM demanding that the organization – well known for its opposition to legalizing gay marriage – stop playing the ad in television markets.

Lavandeira is ugly, mean, and stupid.   Sadly for Lavandeira, three seconds of video is more that ample time to demonnstrate all three points.

Eric, put on some more popcorn

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