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Obamatard of the Day: Keith Olbermann

Now I don’t claim the best writer on the Web, or the most read blogger.  However, if Bitsblog is good for anything,  it is that we know the difference between a small turd and big turd. 

Carrie Prejean

Associated Press

Why kick a small one, when it is just as easy to kick a big one.  Then when it comes to turds, few are bigger than Keith Olbermann.

As Allah Pundit, Hot Air [1], notes, Carrie Prejean’s position on same sex marriage is hardly unique.    Among others,  Carrie’s position matchs that of both D.C  Mayor Marion Barry and the President of the United State, Barack Obama.   So if Olbermann is so stupid as to think same sex marriage is actually is a good  idea, and has the courage of his supposed convictions, why doen’t he go after Berry or Obama?   Why because Olbermann is a shriveling coward.    Then we know that.

Now I am not a Christian.   Have no idea what Olbermann profess to be.    Howver, as I understand it, the essense of bieing a Christina isn’t claimimg to be perfect.   Just trying to do right.    Carrie Prejean has the courage of her convictions.    Can’t say the same for Olberman.

Hat tip photo:  Courant [2].