Last January the 22nd, I posted a piece on Pajamas Media that suggested:

For all the vitriol that has been coming from the left, and specifically out of President Obama’s mouth during the campaign, there’s a difference in tone coming out of the Obama camp over the last several weeks. There has been an abandonment of the hot rhetoric of the leftist in favor of a liberal forced to face the reality of the world around him (i.e., adopting existing White House policy). The change in tone is recognition that the rhetoric that the American public was offered during the election was simply not based on reality.

As President Obama and his people are briefed on what has been happening in the world these last eight years, the insider’s view has given them a completely new perspective on what to do about the situation, resulting in completely different actions as compared to the ones they were telling everyone they would take once they were given the power.

Today, the evidence is in, and my call of last January has proven out, and in today’s PJM piece, I list some of the indications and the future ramifications of all of this.

 I’ve had much in the way of complaint over the last eight years about President Bush, but I’ve always been convinced he was on the right path as regards the war on terror. For all his bluster on the topic, it looks like Barrack Obama is convinced of that now, too.

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