The Bits Blog Obama Dog of the Day is Patricia McGuire, via Tom Jackman, Washington Post:

The controversy surrounding the appearance of President Obama at the University of Notre Dame’s commencement ceremonies reverberated through at least one local Catholic graduation yesterday, with the president of Trinity Washington University denouncing the “religious vigilantism” of those who opposed Obama’s visit and calling their protests “an embarrassment to all Catholics.”

The remarks by Trinity President Patricia McGuire were among the speeches given at graduation ceremonies big and small across the region.

This must be Orwellian logic.  Vigilante justice is typically associated with some level of violence, up to and including murder.   Yet McGuire sees fit to describe non-violence protester, exercising their God given right of free speech as vigilantes.     McGuire see fit to ignore that the target of the protesters, abortion, accounts for circa one million medical lynching of one million unborn Americans a year.

Hat tip and more:  Allah Pundit, Hot Air:

The perfect ironic conclusion to yesterday’s paean to tolerance and dialogue at Notre Dame: The leader of a Catholic school sneering at student protesters for practicing freedom of speech in defense of Church teachings. Rarely have liberal Catholicism and campus Orwellianism meshed more beautifully.

Note:  evidently in this new enlightened era of post-partisan politics, it is now perfectly permissible to refer to your political opponents as dog, via Gateway Pundit:

On NPR’s “Wait Wait… Dont Tell Me,” senior Obama advisor David Axelrod makes reference Miss California Carrie Prejean is a dog.
The audience loved it:

Arf, arf.

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