From The Wall Street Journal, today:

Korea made its second test of a nuclear explosive on Monday and declared it was more destructive than the first, an advance that is likely to embolden Kim Jong Il’s regime in rebuffing calls by the U.S. and others to halt its weapons program.

The country also launched three short-range missiles, including one from the same site from which it fired a long-range missile over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean seven weeks ago.

The actions show that the U.S. and other countries that for years have tried to persuade North Korea to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons remain unable to get Pyongyang to bend to their will.

At issue now, it is whether or not a meeting will be held for the purpose of issuing a strongly worded memo, so that all of the leaderships of the various neighbor countries and the United States can all point to the fact that they have “done something” about the problem.

2 Responses to “NORK Tests, Washington Talks”

  1. The UN must pass a resolution letting the N. Korea know that it absolutely and firmly condenms such actions, after all the N. Korean could use more toilet paper.


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