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ramble-rr3This is the Railroaded Edition

  • A measure of commitment: A great one from Don Surber: The EPA should turn off its air conditioning.

    Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency should be the first to cut her agency’s power usage. She opposes mountaintop mining.

    Let her cut off her agency’s air conditioner. Let her agency use candles instead of electric lights. Let her lock the agency’s elevators.

    The EPA should set the example. If she truly believes in global warming, let her walk the talk, or in this case sweat the details. Really sweat.

    Heating, ventilation and cooling accounted for 31 percent of the household consumption of electricity in 2005, according to the Department of Energy. Almost half of that HVAC consumption was from air conditioning.

    Norfolk Southern Unit Coal Train passes through, Cumberland RI. Photo: Dave Hughes

    Norfolk Southern Unit Coal Train passes through, Cumberland RI. Photo: Dave Hughes

    So our leaders should shut off all the air conditioners in Washington. That should cut back their use of electricity by 15 percent, if my calculations are correct.

    Indeed. They want the country to work it’s way back to the stone age? Fine. Let’s let them take the lead on this.  You and I both know they won’t, and that’s exactly the point. So, why do they expect US to?

  • The Monochrome Coalition, part II:  It’s amazing what lies get passed off in the name of ‘Diversity” 
  • The Folly of Ethanol:  If you’ve been following David’s posts on the topic, you’ll want to check this out at American Thinker.
  • The Politics of fear:  This time, the government fears the Tea Party activists.  That’s a good thing, but perhaps someone can explain to me why the restriction was respected by the speaker and his supporters?  Is there some basis of moral authority that allows the government to shut it’s citizens up? Or is it the citizens who have the moral duty to force the issue?
  •  I keep telling you, it’s about the Unions: Boortz points out today that Chrysler isn’t going to pay back the $7 Billion it borrowed. Yeah, like, who didn’t see THAT coming? They’re apparently putting that money under their bankruptcy filing.  Boortz takes it from there:

    chryslerSo there you go. Not only do secured creditors get the hind teat … but so do the taxpayers. Who gets the front? The very union workers who helped destroy the American automobile industry. How wonderful. That’s $7 billion … gone. Poof. Never to be seen again by you or your children or grandchildren.

    Eh… we WILL see the bills for it, though. 

    By the way, I’ve blasted George Will as a matter of reflex around here often enough.In fairness, I’ll tell you he gets one pretty much correct on this topic, and is worth your time today.

  • Are there any rules in the Bailout game?  Tom Cooley at Forbes says, Not if your name is Obama, no.  
  • Speaking of the UAW:  Guess who was the only Republican Senator to get a donation from the UAW? That’s right; Arlen Specter.   Interesting  how this comes up now that Specter is circling the drain.
  • Round and round they go…. Speaking of circling the drain, I see John Edwards… he of the “I feel pretty” brigade, is still having Mistress trouble.  Does anyone suppose he’ll be on the short list in 2012?
  • Trust me, Liz is no victim, here:  I’m unconvinced the wife didn’t know what was what. Neither is Democrat Loyalist George Stephanopoulos, apparently.
  • Ridge won’t go: Speaking of Specter, the wires have preliminary stories up saying that Tom Ridge won’t run for the seat occupied by Specter. Now, ordinarily, I’d take it that Toomey is a lock for being nominated by the Republicans. Thing is, I’m still convinced the RNC is not happy about running a real conservative, and that we’re going to see some kind of fast shuffle going on. I’m still hearing there’s a bit of argument at the top. It’s disturbing, though, that I’m not getting a clear map of the battles, in terms of who is on which side, and why.
  •  You gotta have faith…  Unless you’re Obama, apparently.
  • Here come those Santa Anna Winds again…..  Santa Barbara has serious wildfire trouble.  Ya know, the weather, and the fires, I could take. But add that to the left-leaning whackjob government there, and the deal’s off. I’d rather deal with snow. It’s a wonder anyone’s staying there, anymore. If you’re interested KNX/1070 has some vid, and they’ve a streaming site, too. They’re the big talker out there, a CBS O&O and so should be a good info source.
  • Jack Kemp Memorial: The Memorial Service for Jack Kemp is Tomorrow, apparently, at the National Cathedral, at 1pm eastern.  No word at this writing if there’s TV, but I cannot imagine where at least C-Span wouldn’t  be showing up.  The Foundry has the details.
  • Smoke, Mirrors and your dollars: So, the press is claiming Obama ‘trimmed the budget’?   Ed Morrissey points out that while he trimmed 0.05%, he’s boosted spending by 12%… and I’d add that doesn’t include the bailouts.  Only in Washington, and then only among liberals.
  • Gore Statue? Apparently the Tennessee State Legislature doesn’t have enough things to spend money on… they want to create more. They’ve urged that a statue of Al Gore be erected. The drawback of course is the inability to tell the difference between the statue and the real thing. I must admit there is a certain agreeable twinge associated with generations of pigeons crapping on his likeness. I do wonder if the activity will be limited to pigeons, however.

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