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ramble-cafe1This is the “Old Cafe” Edition

  • The Double Standard, again: Interesting to note Camile Paglia so badly misidentify what’s going on in the country:

    How have we come to this pass in America where the assassination of top government officials is fodder for snide jokes on national radio?

    Well, gee, Camile… you didn’t notice when Bush was the target of such on Air America and other leftist venues? Sorry, Camile… you usually get some creds from me. This isn’t such a time. You’ve failed, here, miserably.

  • More tea? I hear the Tea party folks are still planning more.  And, More.
  • For anyone still taking Kanye West seriously:  You can stop now. It’s amazing what recreational drugs will do for your mental condition, isn’t it?  I’ve always called him a punk. I’ve never seen anything to alter my view on the point.
  • You know you’re dealing with liberals when:  They want to make pot legal, but insist on regulating Cheerios as a drug. No, I’m not kidding. Change you can believe in.
  • A surefire path to failure:  So, Obama has decided to cut Chrysler’s ad budget in half.  Leaving aside for just the moment, issues about the government making such choices, consider….This is going to sell more cars?  Some recovery we have planned, huh? Oh… and yes, the governmental involvement…. Under what section of the Constitution is this nonsense, anyway? What of the Rule Of Law that Obama spoke so glowingly of?  Ah, yes, this indeed is change you can believe in.
  •  Say WHAT?!!??!?  Get this; The US is now going to pay millions to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly while on the job. Yes, indeedee doo, folks, this is change you can believe in.
  • Woman, dead 40 years, gets stimulus check: Yeah? No kidding.  Thing is, I’m hearing they’ve been sending her Social Security checks about that long, too. Absent getting caught with the Stimulus thing, they’d still be going out. Explain to me again why we want the government doing healthcare?  Why do we want goverment making life and death chocies for people it doesn’t know have been dead for four decades? Not exactly the working definition of ‘personal care’ unless you’re the government.  Change you can believe in, or so we’re told.
  • Democrat Corruption goes unchecked:  Big shock, that Democrats refuse to allow consdieration of an investigation.   So much for the transperency we were promised.  Change you can believe in, and all that.
  • This doesn’t look like settled science to ME….  Ed Morrissey explains. At some point, the idea that the entire  pile of ‘global warming’ crap is exactly that, will be undeniable. And watch what happens when the right tries to claim the science is ‘settled’, then. Maybe Oprah will get a pass on her personal Jet, after all, huh?
  • The Timing of Roxana Saberi:  David examined this yesterday, I know… but I can’t resist pointing at Roger Simon’s reading of the matter:

    it’s worth speculating on the timing of the release of Ms. Saberi, who originally had a one-day (closed) trial and then suddenly had a five-hour (closed, of course) appeal that turned an eight-year sentence into a two-year suspended sentence. I’m no expert on the internal workings of the mullocracy, but it strikes me they are not in as great a position as it would seem at this moment. The Arab states are getting fed up with them and are more than a little bit concerned about Iranian nuclear ambitions. Israeli PM Netanyahu is about to arrive in Washington. Conventional wisdom goes that the Israeli PM is on the hot seat with an increasingly unfriendly US administration. That is certainly true to a serious extent. But oddly enough, the Iranians, paranoiacs par excellence, may not be perceiving it that way. They may see themselves as suddenly boxed in by a burgeoning alliance between (largely Sunni) Arabs and Israel with US backing. Hence – they have sent a signal. You see, we’re not such crazies. Of course, as we all know, the subtext is – leave us alone to build our bomb. Let’s hope the Obama Administration pays close attention to this behavior.

    As David observes,  you know damned good and well that Iran didn’t release this woman of the goodness of their hearts… likely having none. Fear is a wonderful motivator. It’s not something Obama put there, certainly. But it’s still useful.

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