Andie Collier, Politio, wants us to believe:

Nancy PelosiShe’s the 69-year-old speaker of the House of Representatives, second in the line of succession and the most powerful woman in U.S. history.

But when you see Nancy Pelosi, the Republican National Committee wants you to think “Pussy Galore


The wisdom of equating the first woman speaker of the House with a character whose first name also happens to be among the most vulgar terms for a part of the female anatomy might be debated – if the RNC were willing to do so, which it was not. An RNC spokesperson refused repeated requests by POLITICO to explain the point of the video, or the intended connection between Pelosi and Galore

No sale!   Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a/k/a  Speaker Tablecloth is lying about the Central Intelligence Agency.   She accuses the CIA of lying to the Congesss of the Untied States, but refuses to investigate her own allegations.

As for the word pussy itself.    I note that is possible to use the word is totally acceptable context,  Yourdictonary.    There other words for the same subject area not nearly so acceptable. 

 Blog reax, Mac Ranger, Macsmind:

No we don’t always have to be so crass, but we don’t have to walk around like we have our tails between our legs either. Why I don’t relish the idea of a Botox-Incrusted 69 year old hag as “Pussy-Galore”, the comparison in action is quite accurate.

Bravo to the RNC.

About the only conservative female blogger I found, Darleen Click, Protien Wisdom:

First off, we can probably question why little Ms. Andie’s editorial is listed in the “news” section of Politico. Secondly, we can then wonder where Ms. Andie was when Her Lord and Savior Obama was (using her metric of OUTRAGE over teh sexism) much less subtle in calling Sarah Palin a pig and flipping the bird to Hillary Clinton.

The male, but snide, Robert Stacy McCain, Other MaCain:

Note that when feminists are promoting The Vagina Monologues, it’s “empowering” to shout this from the rooftops. Only when Republicans try it does the Left suddenly become as prudish as a Victorian schoolmarm.)

The video which has Collier’s knicker is a twist,vodeo:

Hat tip: Allah Pundit, Hot Air.

I know Bond girls, and believe me, Mrs. Pelosi is no Bond girl.   I have been seeing Bond fliiks since 1964, Goldfinger.    Bond girls, for the most part, have to be cute and smart.  Mrs. Pelosi is neither.

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  1. It’s Protein.  The i before e rule doesn’t apply, or maybe it does…

  2. Good catch.  I have shot my typist.