Matthew Yglesias  is just a tad bit confused.

This seems very confused. Being a “reverse racist” can’t be similar to being a “racist,” it needs to be the reverse of being a racist. Limbaugh clearly just thinks Sotomayor is a racist. She hates white people. For a Latina to hate white people isn’t “reverse” racism, it’s racism. Reverse racism would be if you had a white person who hates white people. It would be like racism, where you hate people of other races, but in reverse.

 At any rate, I’ve made this point a million times, but it’s fascinating to me the kind of double standard conservatives apply to these issues. You never hear Rush Limbaugh decrying everyday racism against non-whites in the United States. You never hear him recounting an anecdote about an African-American man having trouble hailing a cab or being followed by a shopkeeper

I do agree that as used the term reverse racism equates to racism.

Yet where does Rush Limbaugh say hate?   Racism is not necessarily about hatred.   Limbaugh  calls Sonia Satomayor a racist.   She is.  That does not mean that Limbaugh hates Sotomayor, or Latinos.   I am surprised that Yglesias resorted to the old canard  about racist cabbies.   It is a fact that in urban centers, young black males do have problems getting a cab, from William Scott Dwyer, Rebirth of Reason:

A study by Howard University in Washington, D.C. concluded that when similarly dressed blacks and whites tried to hail a cab, blacks were turned down seven times more frequently than whites. But in the lawsuits that arose from this study, none of the cab drivers accused of discrimination was white. All were African immigrants, native-born blacks or Middle Easterners. In Washington D.C., a reporter interviewed a dozen black cabbies, and found that nearly all of them refused to pick up young, black men at night. In exercising their right of refusal, these drivers risk a $500 fine for “discrimination” and eventually a suspended license, but said one, “I’d rather be fined than have my wife a widow”.

Black cabbies, among others, don’t hesitate to pick-up young black males because they hate them.   Rather they fear them, and not without good reason.

A racist is any person who makes an assumption based on race. Period. Full stop.  

 The ilk of David Duke are racist because they assume that whites are inherently superior to non-whites.   Like wise, Sotomayor is a racist because she assumes a superiority as a Latino that is not possible for whites.    If there were such a thing as the Knights of Kolor Klan, Sotomayor would be proud member in good standing and neither version of the KKK would be any less racist than the other.

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