The Obama administration is stuck on stupid    Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine, provides a hint of possible Obama adminstration plan to try a Clinton like weasel on the release of terrorists into the United States:

Attoney General Eric Holder was grilled by a bipartisan array of senators on his promise not to release “terrorists” into the U.S. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, that depends on whether we know they are terrorists, because if so, we wouldn’t do that, says Holder. He remained agonizingly cagey on the possible release of those who received terrorist training — which leaves wide open the issue of the Uighurs.

Do the  Obamatards believe that they install trained terrorists in American neighborhoods if they simply don’t call them terrorists?     The Obamatards may think they can transform a terrorist with a Clinton like parcing of words.   But then it never worked that well for B.J. either.

Now if  the one were smart enough to watch Fox News,  he would have heard Charles Krauthammer’s advice, via National Review:

Well, what I love is the name of the bill. Imagine if you have to vote against the Keep Terrorists out of America Act.


And, you know, the mainstream media portraying this as Republicans desperately seizing on an issue as a way to embarrass the Obama administration. Well, that’s what an opposition does. And it isn’t as if terrorists running around in America is not a serious issue.


But I think what is really interesting about it, and the reason it is going to get traction, is because it symbolizes the degree to which Democrats were hypocritical and irresponsible in attacking the Bush administration and all the measures it took in keeping us safe in the war on terror.

If Obama wants to put trained terrorists in out country, I suggest thet he think about that massive and unoccupied  mansion in Chicago.    Believe me, the Uighurs are not going to be staying with me.    With you?

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