It is hard to be liberal.   This blogger recently got noticed by the blog Whiskey Fire:

May 26, 2009

We Have a Wiener!

WINNER! The first wingnut to go for the ethnic slur over the Sotomayor nomination is… BitsBlog!

Not surprisingly, Obama appears to be focusing demographics and not judicial factors. Obama isn’t looking for a liberal Scalia.  He looking for a spic chic. Enter Sonia Sotomayor….

That didn’t take very long at all, now, did it? Congratulations

Sadly, I must decline the honor.  My quoted article, was not in in response, to Sotomayor’s nomination of yesterday, 26 May this.   Rather, it was posted on 5 May:

Say what you will about George (Forty-Three) Bush.  He had but two Supreme Court opening and he nailed both of them.   Both of Bush’s nominees John Roberts and Samuel Alito had impeccable  records and were conceded to judicial  intellects.

With the pending retirement of David Souter, the one now has his opportunity to leave his mark on the court.   Given that Souter is the very epitome of mediocre, Obama has a  great opportunity to upgrade the court and put a liberal intellect on the court to match the power of say Anton Scalia.  

Not surprisingly, Obama appears to be focusing demographics  and not judicial factors.    Obama isn’t looking for a liberal Scalia.   He looking for a spic chic.   Enter Sonia Sotomayor, from Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic:

Say what you will, Stotomayor is no Scalia.    With such neo-conservative stalwarts as Jeffrey Rosen and Stuart Taylor, Jr.  how can I go wrong.    David Souter wasn’t much of a justice, but Sotomayor appears offer even less than Souter.    Doesn’t say much for the one’s vaunted judgment, does it?


Addendum: (Eric)

 Doesn’t say much for the judgement of his kool-aid drinking supporters at WhsikeyFire,  either, I’m afraid, who were so quick to jump on David’s peice they didn’t notice they were being dragged into the teeth of their own double standards, and also, that their reading ability was being challanged by virtue of the byline. (As in, they didn’t notice who wrote the bloody thing.) 

Still you can understand their problem; In Sotomayor, we have somone who is able to do something I thought impossible; Come down to the left of Souter. That, I suppose would be enough to wet the diapers of any liberal, blotting out all other input.

As to the resident morons at WhiskeyFire, It’s  undeniably fun kicking morons around, but it only entertains for so long.  Eventually you have to go back to beings with more than one working braincell.

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3 Responses to “It is Hard to a Liberal”

  1. You do understand that “spic” is a racial slur, right?

  2. You conservatives are so very goddamn stupid.

  3. Eric, I, and I alone, made the mistake of not double checking the author of the piece being rightfully mocked. I also noticed my mistake about 15 minutes later and acknowledged it in the comments there, long before you came back to bwahaha about a very simple error that doesn’t actually impact DavidL’s difficulties with written English. DavidL, if English is not your first language, good job, you still need study but you’re getting there. But if you’re a native born English speaking American, I’m sorry for your learning disability, but you really should ask a friend who can write well to proofread your posts for you.