Part of me, says not to go here.    Part says, read twice what I say before you bombard Eric.   So here is goes.

Is it ever permissable for a man to slap a woman?   Maybe, video

Or maybe not. Barbara Walters seems to neither condemning nor condoning Sean Conner.

Even if you accept that it permissable, sometimes, to slap a woemn, we should agree that is should never take more than one man.

So having said that, this blog officially questions the manhood of both Mario Lavandeira d/b/a Perez Hilton and Donald Trump d/b/a Miss USA Pageant.  Patterico, Patterico Pontifications, has the details:

Ben Sheffner has obtained Perez Hilton’s cease and desist letter, which amusingly fails to address the doctrine of fair use . . . at all. Which is highly unusual for such a letter – but not surprising in this particular case, where the fair use analysis is so clear.

How bad has it gotten? The Miss USA Pageant has sent NOM a cease and desist letter of its own, for the use of Miss California’s answer. Like NOM’s use of the Perez Hilton clip, this is clearly fair use, and the takedown notice is pure thuggery by a pageant embarrassed by its decision to allow Hilton to be a judge.

I am not a big fan of beauty pageants in general,  Miss America in particular and even lesss so of Miss USA.   However Carrie Prejean has my support for standing up to thugs like Lavandeira and Trump and doing so as a lady.

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One Response to “Donald Trump And Perez Hilton V. Carrie Prejean”

  1. This situation with Perez Hilton and Miss CA is really a testament to the new ideology of tolerance. Either, accept the liberal interpretation of marriage or face character assassination. I normally don\’t watch beauty pageants and I am not familiar with the type of questions usually asked of the contestants, but it seemed the question asked from Mr. Hilton was intended to solicit a particular response from Miss CA. Mr. Hilton could have started his question; \”Gay marriage is an issue that many states are dealing with. What is your opinion on the issue?\”. When he loaded the question with the fact that two states had just legalized gay marriage, he left no room for Miss CA to answer the question  without looking like a bigot. I personally agree with her opinion on gay marriage and I believe most Americans feel the same way. It\’s unfortunate for Miss CA  tolerance is not a two way street.<br>