Dom DeLuise, a face well known for many decades to most Americans died today, at age 75. The New York Daily News is reporting it this way:

Brooklyn-born Dom DeLuise, the roly-poly movie foil to best buddy Burt Reynolds during a comedic career that spanned the last half-century, died Monday in Los Angeles. He was 75.

DeLuise, also a regular in director Mel Brooks’s acclaimed comedies, passed away in his sleep at a Los Angeles hospital, according to

DeLuise served as the rotund sidekick to matinee idol Reynolds in a series of films, an extension of their off-screen friendship.

The pair shared the big screen in “The End,” “Cannonball Run I & II,” “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “Smokey & the Bandit II.”

“I was dreading this moment,” Reynolds said in a statement to “Entertainment Tonight.”

Yeah, I can imagine. I always rather liked him. Always a smile, always a great bit of comic timing. Here was someone who loved to have fun doing what they were doing, and wasn’t afraid to show it.

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