The speech that President Barack Obama did not want the nation to hear, video:

Hat tip: Sweetness & Light

Transcript (as prepared), via William Kristol, Weekly Standard:

Thank you all very much, and Arthur, thank you for that introduction. It’s good to be back at AEI, where we have many friends. Lynne is one of your longtime scholars, and I’m looking forward to spending more time here myself as a returning trustee. What happened was, they were looking for a new member of the board of trustees, and they asked me to head up the search committee.


More Kristol,  Weekly Standard:

Obama’s is the speech of a young senator who was once a part-time law professor–platitudinous and preachy, vague and pseudo-thoughtful in an abstract kind of way.


Cheney’s is the speech of a grownup.

Don Surber:

Dick Cheney used facts. President Obama wrapped himself in the flag. Who won?
That was my take on their speeches today. Cheney went to the American Enterprise Institute to speak at its request. Obama felt t necessary to pre-empt Cheney

 Mike Allen, Politico:

President Barack Obama declared defiantly Thursday that the U.S. “went off course” in fighting terrorism over the past eight years, and said his policies will “better protect” the country against al Qaeda.

The one may be defiant, but alas he also ignorant to the bone.   The United States was attacked by Islamic militants in 1993, the first attack on on the World Trade Center.   In response,  President B.J. Clinton acted as if terrorism was a criminal justice problem, only to dealt with after the fact.   Clinton’s policy resulted in string of terrorist attacks including the attack on the USS Cole, the World Trade Center (yet again), and the Pentagon.

The one may think it the moral high road to bury your own citizens rather then offend the sensibilities of radicial militants and those who support them.   Few American would agree.   Do you?

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