Jan Schakowsky (Illinois – Nine) is a useful idiot.   Schakowsky gave a speech where she revealed her vision and hope for so-called health care reform.  View her deranged speech  here (will not embed).

Schakowsky’s speech is a gold mine, and one I do not claimed to have fully mined her speech of all nuggets   Here our some.

One, Schakowsky claims that Barack Obama thinks of health care as if it were a right     Obama, as is his want, is simply wrong.    Thinking the Earth to be flat does not make it flat.   Thinking health care to be right does not, and can not, make health care a right.

Health care is not right,   It is a commodity.   A commodity the product of human endeavor.   In order to provide a commodity to one person, it first must be taken from another.   Exercising a right does not diminish another person’s rights.   Whereas consuming heath care does deprive another of those services.

No amount of wanting, crying or moaning can transform a commodity, even health care, in to a right.    The threat of state provided health to take health care from one person, by force if need be, and then give to another.   Call that what you will, that is not freedom.

Two, on to Schakowsky’s details

Schakowsky, is proposing a one size fits all health plan.   If Obama Motors only made just one model car,  some would have more care than they need, others less, we’d all pay too much and nobody would like the car anyhow.   Yet Schakowsky seems to think that having some government official make your health care choices is somehow a better deal.

The congresswomen admits that her plan is not to supplement private health insurance but rather to destroy it.    The consumer has no power to make any choices, only the government.  Not freedom, and not good.

Schakowsky is demanding the full suite of reproductive health services, abortions for minors and invitrofertilization for unmarried women.

She want to provide these full range of health services to illegal aliens.   We already have enough problem with illegal immigration with using state provided health care as magnet.

Having to pick just one model of Obamamobile, would not very smart way to buy a care.   Likewise, one size fits all Obamacare, is not smart way to purchase health care coverage.

Hat tips:  Gateway Pundit, and Verum Serum.

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