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Cheney is in Obama’s Kitchen

I am starting at the end, but you should read this piece from the very beginning, from Lords86, Red State [1]:

Unless and until President Obama quits playing games with national security, he will give Dick Cheney ample reason to keep calling his bluff. Cheney knows that Obama’s charm won’t protect our shores from the scourge of terrorism – a point that the liberal media wants to disregard. Cheney knows that Obama’s apologies for past American transgression won’t make the terrorists like us anymore. He says what Washington pundits know, but won’t – Obama’s appeasement of terrorists is reckless childplay with American national security.

And, thankfully, as long as that childplay continues, Dick Cheney will do all he needs to do to stay in Obama’s kitchen

To change analogies, Dick Cheney has gotten inside of Barack Obams’s OODA loop.    Former vice presidents are not expected to be able to yank the chain of sitting president.   As hard as Al Gore tired to rile Dubya, the Bush White House never played Algore’s game.    In contrast, the Obama White House is playing Cheney’s game, on Cheney’s home field.