DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleDQ L’OD. I think if Larry O’Donnell was a boxer instead of a pundit, he would have lost his license by now. Here yet another example of O’Donnell coming out with short end of the stick, from Hugh Hewitt:

The last question was a trick question, because either Larry would have had to admit to being the worst prepared pundit on the least-informed network, or he would have had to drag everyone else down to his level of (non) reading and analysis. No matter where he ranks on the MSNBC scale of woeful commentary bereft of fact and value, Larry’s cheerful owning up to a complete indifference to any book learning on the war is far beyond startling

Given that O’Donnell admits to be unread on the global war on terrorism, I think he should quit pretending to be an expert and he should  be booked by an self=respecting show.

BO’s diplomacy stinks.   Warner Todd Huston, Stop the ACLU has yet another snub by the not so great one:

So, let’s see. There was that whole World War Two thingie. There was Germany, Japan and Italy on one side. So, who was on the other? I think it was The United States, Russia, and some other unimportant countries… right? One might be excused to assume this is the thought process of the Obama administration as it planned the upcoming D-Day events for the president’s European tour that is in the offing because as currently announced, Team Obama left the Queen out of its D-Day memorial plans. And boy is the she torked, not that anyone can blame her.

Only off the top of my head, there were five beachheads at Normandy.    President Obama will represent two of them, Omaha and Utah.   Queen Elizabeth  is the head of state representing the nations of the other beachheads, the two British and one Canadian.   The lady is also the Queen of Canada.

No shat Sherlock.    GOP to begin using Mrs. Pelosi has a wet towel, McClatchy:

pelosi4WASHINGTON – Republicans on Thursday began unleashing a barrage of television and radio ads, as well as robo-calls, aimed at discrediting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in congressional districts held by Democrats they see as vulnerable.

Mrs. Pelosi has be either very dumb or dishonest.   Maybe both.

Guard your wallets.  The democrat greed machine knows no bounds.   ‘Rats ponder a Value -Added Tax(VAT).   The of the VAT as a national sales tax on everything applicable to everybody,  Phil Kerpen, Fox Forum:

In today’s Washington Post, the White House floats a really scary trial balloon-a new national Value-Added Tax (VAT) to pay for out-of-control spending and a Washington take over of health care. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad appears to be on board. So does Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel, who has been hired by the White House budget office to help design the health care plan and whose book on health care uses a VAT to fund the new government program. Obama economic adviser Paul Volcker is also on-board the VAT-train.

 If the ‘rat impose a VAT, the Tea Parties are going to get ugly, and massive.

Choice, what Choice?    In political context, the word Choice is used as a euphemism,  for killing unborn human beings.   One clue, is that ‘rats are apathetic to choice aside from the choice to kill human babies.    The ‘rats will tell you that a thirteen year old girl has the autonomous right to kill her unborn child without regard of her parents’ feeling or even their knowledge.    Yet while a thirteen year old girl is empowered to make a life and death decision about the life of another person, neither a thirteen year old boy or his parents, are entitled to make a choice about his medical treatment, from Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D., American Thinker:

The parents of a 13 year old Minnesota boy, Daniel Hauser, who with their support refused chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, have now told Judge John Rodenberg that they will agree to the treatment. Previously, they had missed a court date and fled the state in order to avoid judicially imposed chemotherapy. Their recent reversal came after they were given a choice; agree to chemotherapy for their son or lose custody of him.

By the way, I don’t disagree with the judge’s decision.   I too would make the same decision were I the boy’s parents, or God.  However, I am neither.    Then neither is the judge.   And that is the problem.

Empathy my *ss.   Obama says that a Supreme Court justice should have empathy.   Yet few case generate more human desire to offer compassion than that of Frank Ricci, via David Paul Kuhn, Real Clear Politics:

In 2003, the New Haven fire department had several vacancies for new lieutenants and captains. Candidates for promotion had to take a written and oral test. Candidates had three months to prepare. Ricci gave up a second job to study. Because he is dyslexic, Ricci paid an acquaintance more than $1,000 to read textbooks onto audiotapes. He studied 8 to 13 hours a day. And he succeeded. Ricci’s exam ranked sixth among the 77 candidates who took the test

Sotomayor voted against Ricci.   I quess empathy does not extend to dyslexic Italian males.    Ricci earned his promotion the hard way.  He worked for it.  He deserves it.

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