So where is this much promised smart diplomcay the Obama administration has been promising. Al Jazeera:

The United States has said it would welcome dialogue with Iran but has not dropped its demand for it to halt uranium enrichment activities.

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, was meeting Javier Solana, the European Union foreign policy chief, to discuss how to move forward in their dealings with Iran over its controversial nuclear activities 

While the one is willing to suck up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  Obama is only willing to tell Bibi Netanyahu to bend over, MJ Rosenberg, Middleeast Peace Pulse:

Yedioth also reports that Obama is conveying his displeasure with the new Israeli government in several ways. “US administration officials informed Netanyahu that President Obama will not be able to meet with him in early May, while the AIPAC conference is held in Washington. The meeting between the new Israeli premier and the president of the United States is perceived in Israel as a sign that the formation process of the new government has been completed and as a salutation by Israel’s close friend. Netanyahu had hoped to capitalize on the opportunity and to meet with Obama during the annual AIPAC conference, but the Americans informed the Israelis that Obama was not going to be ‘in town.’ That being the case, the inclination among Netanyahu’s aides is to cancel his trip to attend the AIPAC conference and to try to secure a date for a meeting with Obama later in May.

Call it what you will, making nice with our enemies but being rude to our friends is anything but smart diplomacy.    Then you have to be an Obamatard to think Obama is smart.

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