Color this blogger stunned.    I come to praise the Frogs, a/k/a the Frencn.    The French Navy is acting with an audacity once reserved for the British  Royal  Navy and the United States Navy, McClatchy .

MOMBASA, Kenya – On another day of high drama in the waters off Somalia, French forces struck Wednesday at what they described as a pirate “mother ship,” and captured 11 suspected pirates hours after pirates attacked an American cargo ship with rockets in the second serious attack on a U.S. vessel in a week.

Meanwhile back in Obamaland:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced several new steps, including aid to shippers and insurers to bolster their defenses; attempts to block pirates from buying sophisticated vessels and arms; and a diplomatic initiative to press Somali leaders to deal with the problem.

Clinton acknowledged that piracy will not be stopped without tackling Somalia’s poverty and its lack of governance. She said, however, that, “You’ve got to put out the fire before you can rebuild the house. And, right now, we have a fire raging.”

Pirates, like the rats that they are, can not survive without their nests, lairs.   Piracy has been contained not by fancy words, of whiich the Obamatards have in long supply, but rather by decisive actions, of which Obama is allergric, to wipe out the pirates lairs.

Further,what is it with the Clintons’,  Somalia, and nation building anyhow?    Evidenctly Mrs. Clinton has forgotten B.J.’s disaster in Mogadishu:

In the wake of Operation Restore Hope, further US helicopter-borne incursions persisted, until, on October 4, 1993, at 6:30 AM., American forces were finally evacuated to the UN’s Pakistani base by an armored convoy along the so-called “Mogadishu Mile.” In that exercise alone, 18 U.S. soldiers died and 73 were injured, while two US Black Hawk helicopters were shot down and three further MH-60s put out of action. After the battle, one or more US casualties of the conflict were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by crowds of local civilians and SNA forces.  

Hell no Mrs. Clinton.   If you want to build a nation in Somalia, you go build it yourself.   The French have the right idea.   All the Obamatards have are mere words.

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