An annoying note at The New Ledger which to my view exemplifies the problems conservatives face with the Repubclican estabishment:

NRSC Vice-Chairman Orrin Hatch said today that he doesn’t believe former Congressman Pat Toomey has a chance to beat newly turned Democrat Arlen Specter in next year’s Senate race in Pennsylvania. Hatch even suggested that the NRSC may seek to recruit a candidate to run against Toomey.

“I don’t think there is anybody in the world who believes he can get elected senator there,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Asked if the NRSC would back Toomey, Hatch said, “I don’t think so” and that the party should look for “someone who can win there.”

The Chairman of the NRSC, Texas Senator John Cornyn, has yet to endorse Toomey and said today that he wasn’t sure that Toomey would be the “only candidate” or the “strongest candidate” either. In fact, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham suggested a name today that has been thrown around in political circles since Specter’s defection – Tom Ridge. The reluctance of the NRSC to get on board Toomey’s campaign, especially in the wake of Specter’s defection, is troubling. What kind of Republican party does the GOP leadership in Washington want to have?

(under breath…Tom Ridge? Ummmm… you’re kidding, right? )

Clearly, the answer is they want more of the centrist nonsense that lost us the ’08 election.

I said at Pajamas Media  about a week back:

For a long time, the Republican Party has been neither conservative nor libertarian. So few were surprised to find a rather bright line drawn between the GOP and the recent tea party protests.

While conservatives and libertarians make up the majority of the GOP, they don’t make up even half of the leadership. The rank and file are interested in principles of conservatism and libertarianism. They want to see those principles applied to governing. The GOP leadership has no interest anymore in such matters, being more enamored with attaining and remaining in power. Those principles are just standing in their way.

That disconnect I mention in that article, between the Republican rank and file and the Republican ‘leadership; has never been exposed as it is in their reaction to Toomey.

 To my mind the actions and comments of the Republican leadership, Hatch, particularly, constitutes working directly for the defeat of real conservatives, and favoring the ‘go-along to get along’ RINO spinlessness that has so infected the Republicans over the last several years. Apparently,  Hatch shares Barrack Obama’s view of the Tea Parties, and the message they sent Washington.

Perhaps it’s time to send Mr. Hatch a message he wont be able to deny?


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