For all you, like me, who think that Barack Obama lives in own private alternative universe, which I call Obamaland, we now have strong collaborating evidence.    From Gateway Pundit, “‘President Obama Says He Is “Unaware of Tea Parties””.     So from where ever the one gets his news, it is not from the new media.     It appears that one restricts his view of the World to the prism of old, dinosaur, media.    No Internet for Obama.  No wonder he wants to ‘Fairness Doctrine”  talk radio, he doesn’t listen to it.    Funny how, Obama will take gratuitous cheap shots at the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, but never, ever, listen to their shows.

Gateway Pundit suggest that the one is spending too much time in the garden.   If so, is Obama in the weeds or on the weed?

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