Barack "BO" Obama and Hugo Chavez

I find it ironic that while Barack Obama is intent sucking up to wannabe dictator for life, Hugo Chavez, but so intent on abusing average Americans.   Further, it is striking about the depth and diversity of the Tea Partiers, Andrew Malcolm, Los Angeles Times:

So, much of the commentary emanating from Washington and its self-important sister city of New York on last week’s several hundred tea parties was how they were so well-organized by unorganized, leaderless Republicans desperate for anything to oppose the awesomely popular President Obama.

From working our local sources, reading comments and blogs and exchanging Tweets with many Ticket followers, the tea parties struck us much the same as the Ron Paul movement of 2007-08, a semi-spontaneous grass-roots eruption of emotion, unease, anger, inchoate thoughts, coherent arguments, cultural variations and anti-big-government sentiments with the main targets of spending and taxes by big government, in that order

In contrast, the defenders of the one can’t seem to get past one taking point and one stale joke, David Axelrod as attributed by the Associated Press:

“The thing that bewilders me is this president just cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people. So I think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere because he certainly understands the burden that people face,”

Memo to Axelrod: one. find a second talking point; and two, drop the tearoom humor.

Hat tip photo:  Age(AU)

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