Hat tip:  Cato#Liberty

Hat tip: Cato#Liberty

Good news for all you Obamatards.   The one is not as ignorant as he pretends to be.   Obama is well aware of  the Tea Parties, and is plenty worried, Michael A. Fletcher and William Branigin, Washington Post

President Obama convened his Cabinet for the first time today and instructed department heads to trim their budgets by a combined $100 million over the next 90 days, cuts he said would help overcome a “confidence gap” among the American people about the use of their tax dollars.

In Obama’s fouth month in office, he convenes his first Cabinet meeting, over a subject which could have been handled by  a single e-mail.   Feeling confident?

Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine:

This is noteworthy not only because it took nearly a hundred days to convene the cabinet but because it suggests the “What tea parties?” feigned ignorance by the Obama spin-machine is flimsy camouflage for growing concerns that the unwashed rabble may be on to something. Really, why now, out of the blue, find some tiny cost cutting measures?

Hat tip graph:   [email protected].    Note the overstates Obama’s promised savings by a factor of fourteen.

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