Dave Schuler at OTB:

Germany is concerned about the Taliban fighters nearing Pakistan’s Islamabad capital:

BERLIN, April 24 (Reuters) – Germany expressed concern on Friday at the advance of Taliban fighters towards Pakistan’s capital and urged the government in Islamabad to take decisive action to ensure the security situation did not deteriorate.

Taliban militants have pushed closer to the capital in recent days, vowing to impose their strict version of Islam across the nuclear-armed Muslim state.

Earlier this month, Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari signed a regulation imposing Islamic law in the northwestern Swat valley as part of a deal to end Taliban violence.

“We are following developments in Pakistan very closely and believe like our partners, that the advance of the Taliban … is worrying,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke told reporters.

Peschke said the Taliban was still far from the capital and warned against overdramatising the situation, but added: “Nevertheless, the infiltration of armed fighters is at odds with the truce agreed with the militants. This is a situation that has to fill us with concern.”

It’s difficult for me to put into words my feelings about Germany’s concern. I wonder if Germany’s concern will be sufficient for the Germans actually to do something about the situation?

I tend to agree with Schuler, here. Nothing like showing up late to the party, is there?

Interestingly, Germany was the hero of the American left a short while ago because they were so insistant on opposing Bush Defense policies as regards AQ, the Taliban and so on. The noises we’re hearing now is a Germany who is starting to recognize that barring a miricle, the cost of that opposition is that they’ve screwed themselves out of an extended life expectancy.

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