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This is the State Park edition

  • Newspapers: Billy, personally I’m sympathetic to these sentiments, as I think most Americans are… particularly the ones who have a bloody clue what’s going on. The only problem with a bad company going out of business is that the company behind them is likely to be worse. I suppose the New York Timesto be no exception.  I personally think the nail in therir coffin will be either the mid-term elections, or the general. Their bias will be revealed once again, and will in the end so disgust people that they’ll sink below viability in terms of subscribers, and advertisers.
  • Newspapers, Cont’d: A snark directed at Joyner while commenting on the state of Newspapers in the age of the Blog, and the newspapers trying to move to the web medium:

    Well, it’s true there a number of people doing it out there for free. I suppose you can find people in bars every night that will do ‘it’ for free as well. Ultimately, that’s not going to stop the world’s oldest profession from making a profit.

    I still maintain that the message and not the medium is the problem.?
    Newspapers are failing not because of how they’re printed and delivered, in majority…(though those are contributing factors)  but because of the content of the papers. Talk radio is perhaps the best example of the content issue. Every time it’s been tried, left-wing content on talk radio doesn’t do nearly as well as right-wing talk radio. Figure that equation out and you’ll figure out why newspapers like the Times are failing.

  • Papers all over the Globe:  Speaking of the New York Times, consider Boortz, today, who says:

    The New York Times Company has threatened to close The Boston Globe unless labor unions agree to concessions. Unions strike again.

    The New York Times, anti-Union? Gee. I guess reality comes to us all, eventually.

  • Kos Kids revealed, and Reviled:  I observe with interest, David’s comments of this morning as regards the Kos kids, in whom I include for the purposes of this discussion, Oliver Willis.  I note Jim Lindgren at Volokh:

    It is highly odd that Oliver Willis would attribute murdering cops to those who hold Republican views.

    ARREST RATES. In the debates over whether felons can vote, both Republicans and Democrats seem to agree implicitly that felons will tend to favor Democrats. I have never heard anyone even hint the opposite.

    That is consistent with General Social Survey data showing that the odds of a Democrat or Independent reporting having been arrested or charged with a crime are 122% higher than the odds of a Republican reporting being arrested or charged with a crime. Among those who report having been arrested or charged, only 12% are Republicans. The others are 9% Independent, leaning Republican; 18% Independent (no leans); 18% Independent, leaning Democratic; 40% Democrats. (Of course, arrest is not the same as offending or conviction, but the political makeup is likely to be in the same general direction.)

    I am aware of no data on the party identification of murderers in general or of cop-killers in particular, but there is no reason to suppose that the political orientation of cop-killers is any more Republican than the general criminal population, which everyone assumes (and GSS data indirectly suggests) is disproportionately Democratic.

    Jim’s correct of course, but frankly, I don’t consider Willis to be surprising at all on this point. He is after all, paid for his dishonesty. As is Kos, anymore. Side note to Willis: Be sure to check in with your boss, Soros, before you reply.

  • Shreik Engrish: The investigations into the Binghamton shooting are starting to come in.  Apparently one of the problems was the guy’s lack of ability to speak English.  Seems to me that this supports the many arguemnts I’ve made to ‘You want to come here? You speak English, first. Period.’ My speculation of the other day about him being H1B proved incorrect, but the rest still fits, sadly.
  • Pay no attention to the man behind the Curtain: Why is Warren Buffet profiting from TARP? Maybe because he supported Obama for President?  Oops. I’m not supposed to say that, am I? Reynolds notes the same story and quips:

    Say, can we get a list of Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac bonus recipients? I means, since Congress’s need for the AIG names was so urgent

  • Big doings in Italy:  About 100 dead as of noon today, due to an earthqauke there. 6.3 or so, east or Rome. It’s moving fast, but sadly, also moving about as you’d expect. If I’m Rahm Emmanuel, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. The wall to wall coverage the news orgs will be spending on the Italian disaster will mean less time spent on the Obama disasters over the weekend.

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