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This is the “All This and a Cookie Too” edition.

  • Buying the Tea: I see  Reynolds has a map up of Tea Party Protests up. Neat idea, really. I’m not sure I subscribe to Billy’s read of them.

    The tea parties bring me nothing like hope. I see in them people who were happy enough to live and abide the compromises, vast and minute, that necessarily brought them to their straits now, and far too little understanding of what was lost, when and how, and why it mattered. In that, I see no way for them to pitch themselves against the dominant ideology of the era. In the truest dimensions of this fight, they can be bought or otherwise fended-off at relatively small expense to the rising machine.

    Mmmmpfhhh. I’m not convinced they can be bought off, in majority.  Sometimes you need to be brought to the edge… to your “Paul on the Damascus Road Moment” (TM).  I agree, they bought into the stuff too willingly over the years. But the numbers an types of people out on the front lines now, tells me we’re dealing with a totally different dynamic now… that what’s been going on in the last month or two has given them the shock treatment needed to teach the lessons. For the most part, these are not people who have ever come out on the front lines like this before. We exepect scenes of protest from those supporting socialism in all it’s forms, not those speaking and working against it.  That’s a seed change. Someone that foundationally shaken,  and someone who has gone through such a change will not easily be bought off going forward.  And an odd thing; I’ve got a cup of “Constant Comment” in one had as I dictate this. Tea party indeed. Further thoughts.

  • Ho-Hum… Just another Democrat party funding scandal:  I suspect that part of that life changing revelation is the contsnat drumbeat of Democrat funding scandals. Murtha who should have been gone long ago, and Pelosi as well, are wrapped up just now in the PMA thing.  And the thing is, they can no longer blame these events on Republicans trying to stir up trouble. The Republicans are sitting back and watching, but that’s about all they CAN do.  This one’s all on the Democrat party. And trust me, the American people have noticed.
  • Number One: Mark Levin’s book continues to do well.  It deserves to, from what I’ve seen of it.
  •  Romney just lost my vote: And needs to get off the radar screen.  The message being sent by the people is that government is the problem. He still thinks it’s the solution. Bye, Mitt. we don’t need you. But you know, maybe the Democrat party can use you. God knows, they’ve used everyone else.
  •  Dodd’s Done: Burned Toast It’s official: Chris Dodd is toast.

    Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd trails former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, a possible Republican challenger, 50 – 34 percent in the 2010 Senate race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today, as voters disapprove 58 – 33 percent of the job the Democratic incumbent is doing, his lowest approval rating ever.

    Matched against two other possible Republican challengers, Sen. Dodd trails both State Sen. Sam Caligiuri 41 – 37 percent and former ambassador Tom Foley 43 – 35 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

    Now, look, I understand that the Democrats are creating a scapegoat, here. They’re busy throwing Dodd to the wolves in the hopes that they themselves won’t be eaten. Which is not to say that Dodd doesn’t deserve this. He does, and for more than this. But please, gang, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Dodd is only the surface of this thing.

  • D’Oh!!!  The Simpsons on a postage stamp?  Apparently so.   I can’t help but think, though with less people using the mails than ever, that the postage stamp is less of an honor than it used to be.
  • You’re not supposed to ask that, Ann: An interesting question from Ann Coulter


    There’s this, too:

    Apparently, it’s OK for Obama to fire the head of General Motors, but Bush can’t fire his own U.S. attorneys.

    Ain’t it real…. Go read.

  •  Boom: Joyner’s changed his comments system. Not sure I like it.  I could get used to it, I guess, but there’s a number of WP plugins that’ll do the job better without trashing the current discussions.  This one he’s got certainly dropped the bomb on at least half a dozen very hot threads.

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