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Springtime in Western NY

Springtime in Western NY

This is the snowstorm edition.
The picture to your right is one of our fair city as (not) seen by a skycam run by a local TV station. The ray dome was covered in snow this morning. So, try to picture the downtown skyline, in your mind.  Irony abounds, the cam is positioned on top of the local association for the blind. We had 50 degrees here a couple days back. The trees were budding, the early flowers were up.  A common question around work this monring was “So, how was your summer?”  Drivers around here, meanwhile, never seem to change. Give them a break from the snow and when it comes back, they forget how to flippin’ drive. OK, I’ve lived with it all my life, but it still annoys me.

  • Did you hope things would change? Seems to have slipped the notice of the press, but apparently Obama’s been defending wiretapping.  
  • Note to Bob Lonsberry: You’re either for us or against us. If you’re against us, don’t presume to claim to be one of us.  It’s that simple, Bob.  You yourself called it; You sucked bigtime the last few days. Longer, truth to tell… and I suggest the reason is you’re getting disconnected from the people. Not that I’d ever expect you to admit it. But your reaction to them is the tell take sign. Remember, Bob;  I was very vocal in defending your sorry ass when the race pimps were demanding your ouster. But, here it is; Get it right, or get lost. I hope it’s the former but if it’s not, we’re better off without you as a country and as individuals.
  • You know it’s getting obvious when….  Harvard Students take on Barney Frank on the economy.
  • Nukes and Obama: Ramesh discusses Obama and nukes this monring at The Washington Post.  Hardly a defiinative comment, and frankly, off the mark, particularly within the context of what I’ve come to expect from Ramesh.  I think far more of David’s comments this afternoon.  Look, let’s boil this down. Little tinpot dictator thumbs his nose at Obama. Obama responsed by proposing to eliminate our own missle defense. Ponder the message being sent the whole world… not just the Gargoyle.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong, here? It’s as Kruathammer observes:

    But what makes it worse is that Obama, in Prague, spoke about getting the whole world behind us. He spoke about the international community, which is, in and of itself, is a fiction. He spoke about the U.N. and these resolutions having force, which is also a fiction.

    He spoke about a world without nuclear weapons, which is beyond a fiction. It’s a childish fantasy.

    And what does he talk about? America signing the test ban treaty and working on START talks with the Russians. They are both useless.

    Our only defense, our only incremental increase in our defense against these weapons is missile defense. And what the Obama administration announced a day after the launching of this missile from North Korea? A drastic cut in missile defense, which is our only hope of having something which would be effective.
    The head of Strategic Command and head of our Pacific Command have said in Congress that our interceptors could work against an attack from North Korea, and we are cutting that program and making it entirely ineffective.

    So, he’s weakened our economy, and now weakens our defenses. No wonder the anti-american euro-weenies like the guy so much.

  • Removing consumer choice from the market: There’s a reason nobody used it before government forced the issue, James… it sucked sewage at legendary rates.  But of course government knows better. Thats why they forced us to use MTBE, right?
  • How not to revive a car company:  So, government says the Chevy Volt will remain in the lineup even though GM will lose money on the thing, because nobody’s going to buy it? Again, government knows better, right?
  • Paying more than their fair share: Here’s a tax policy article you need to see.  Reynolds notes the same article and shortens it thus:

    CBO: Top 1% Earned 19% of Income, Paid 28% of All Taxes. And got 1% of the vote

    Tell me again, about the ‘fairness’ thing, Barry.

  • Bacon: Hangover cure? Speaking of Reynolds, he’ll love this.
  • Shake and… bleed… They’re up to around 200 deaths in that Italian Earthquake, but I suspect that’s not going to be the worst of it; The living still need care,and their lives rebuilt. Speaking from personal observation, it’s my take that on the whole, the Italians are resiliant people.  That would seem to be confirmed by this report… God bless her. However accurate that observation may or may not be, their resiliance will be seriously tested in this.
  •  I’ll SUE….. but who? Look, let’s call this thing with AP what it realy is;  Uising government to eliminate competitors. They’re establishing territory. They shouldn’t be allowed to, but they will be.