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This is the Route 66 edition

  • Why is it caled ‘Good Friday’? Ken Collins does a fair job with that question.
  • God’s still here:  And why is it that the left and the press (There’s that echo again) are so busy trying to get us to think that God is dead? Seems every Easter, one major rag or another coughs this one up.  They’ve been doing it since the middle 60’s. Prostelitizing for atheism, is the simple answer, but I suspect, myself it’s simpler than that… It’s about killing what they cannot control.  I’ll point you at KJL’s fine article, today.
  • ramble66Pirates on the Horn of Africa are flourishing because we’re letting them . In many ways, this situation is analogous to Jimmy Carter’s failures in Iran.  One does really have to wonder what would have occurred had the Crew of the Maresk Alabama not stood up on their hind legs and regained control. Likely, we’d have had a sternly worded request from the UN before the end of the month.   See, personally, I can’t figure what the complaint is. All they’re doing is a little redistribution of wealth, ala Obama. Right? BTW, Jonah mentions we owe our constitution as written in some small measure to Muslim Pirates.
  • Military matters: I should add  to the Pirate story that it’s merely one more point to raise when talking about military preparedness, as we were at OTB yesterday. Military planning is not just about the actions you plan… it’s allowing for those actions on the part of others that you didn’t plan for… and Obama seems to me to be not allowing for such action as demanded by the pirate situation. And here’s thing thing… far from being a ‘distraction’ as it’s labeled by some,  It’s part and parcel of the ongoing war on terror Obama would like us to ignore, and pretend it’s over.  As I did yesterday, I will point out again today that these pirates are Muslim extremists. I half expect Obama to try and strike up a negotiation with the ‘moderate’ pirates. (Laughably, Exurban Leauge is working along the same lines.)
  • Karl Rove has a firm grasp of the obvious: Biden is a bald faced liar.  The problem, of course, is that in some corners, Like, for example, Obama supporters, that’s considered a plus.
  • Liar, Liar: So is Obama himself a liar for that matter. The White House is claiming what you’re about to see never happened. Yeah, I know we covered this yesterday. I don’t care. This is called hammering the subject home.
  • Noting the obvious: And lest you think I’m the only one seeing the srteam of untruth flowing from this White House… Check Bruce McQuain, today.
  •  Puttin’ on the Dog:  After watching what’s happened with the Kennel Joe Biden bought his German Sheppard from recently, one can only wonder who will deal with the dog the Obamas reportedly want.  Ah, yes… good government in action.
  • No Degree for you: Three Cheers for Arizona State.  I suspect what’s happening here is someone at ASU is smelling the stench of failure around the man, and doesn’t want the school tied with it. Good for them. If only the people at Holy Cross were quite so smart. 

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