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This is the Billboard Edition.

  • For a small percentage: So, Obama’s making lots of hay out of a call to save $100 Million? God bless Jake Tapper. Surber seems to agree. As I mentioned in Last Night’s Ramble, Obama and his people never bother to mention in terms of percent of the budget. Here’s why: The total savings amounts to (ready?) 0.00027% of the budget.  Tell you what; courtesy of The Heritage Foundation, let’s put this supposed cut in perspective:obamacutsobamacowboyhat  And should I mention the Democrats in Congress are already annoyed at having even that much less to spend? To answer Gibbs, let’s out it this way: Only in Washington, and only among the Democrat party can the federal budget balloon by record amounts, while Democrats try to credit themselves for cutting the budget.  Starting to understand what a crock this is, that the Democrats are feeding us? I’ll tell you what this is; This is a  desperate reaction to the Tea Parties… both those that directly participated in the protests and the 51% Rasmussen tells us approve of them. They’re in trouble and know it. And yet, this is the best Obama’s got?   As usual, the Democrats are all hat, no cowboy. And here’s the thing; It’s gotten so obvious, even the mental midget Krugman’s got Obama pegged. How sad is that?
  • It’s all the same:  Lots of noise, just now over the overtly stupid Perez Hilton.  Just for the record, though, can someone explain to me how this is any different at all from the noises made by Saint Andrew The Incontinent?
  • WHAT Army? So, the White House is demanding Iran stop the ‘horrible rhetoric’… Of course the Iranian response is, figuratively…”Yeah, you and what army?” Oh… wait. Obama kinda killed off that option, didn’t he?
  • Blind Pig/Acorn=9th Circus/Gun rights: ’nuff said.
  • Good News/Bad News: Good news is oil’s down again. Bad news is, it’s because projections on Obama’s economy are dire at best. And of course, there’s worse news…prices at the pump won’t stop going up… government policies. All in the name of ‘the environment’, of course. Just remember, folks, you’re saving the snail darter. Feels good, huh?
  • The Murtha Soap Opera Continues: Just in case we needed a reminder how utterly corrupt Democrat Jack Murtha is. 
  • And should we mention that the people have started catching on to Barney Frank being part of the problem?
  • That’s what I want…  Where can I get me some of THIS action? And no, gang, I don’t trust this report any more than I trust any get rich quick in your spare time’ pitch.
  • A horse (Squeeze) story: So, Madonna falls on her ass while horseback riding… (Not hard to do, given the size of it) and blames a guy from the press for ‘scaring the horse. Only one problem; The guy was hundreds of miles away. What’s up with this, Madge? Another desperate attempt to be the center of attention? I tell you, folks, there’s nothing like the sight of a 50 -something  pop tart, trying to recapture lost glory. At least, in her case, the fall wasn’t all that far.
  • Wish Granted! I wished yesterday, we knew who Jane Harmon pissed off. Apparently the answer is Rahm Emanuel. Oh, Hopey Changitude.
  • The Memos: See Dick Cheney last night?  Well, no, I didn’t either. I was busy buttoning up some security issues with the site, as I told you earlier today. But I’ve seen the transcripts. He makes a good point about the CIA ‘interrogation ‘ memos we discussed the other day; He wonders why Obama never bothered releasing the memos showing the effectiveness of those methods.  (Video here) He doesn’t allow information to show how many lives were saved.  Now why is it, do you suppose, he’d not want that information out in public, I wonder? Boortz notes the interview as well and says, correctly:

    If someone has the information that could save thousands of lives — OK .. just one life — and if you had a reasonable expectation that you could get that information from this guy by pulling out his fingernails or (gasp!) pouring water on his face … and if you didn’t do it … then you are every bit as worthless as he is.

    Just so. And look, gang, here’s a clue: The first time in two generations we can get Democrats to talk about “American values”, and what’s their first target? American security. Figures.

  • I’ll leave you, today, with this. David and I have both commented on the magnificent moron that is Janeane Garofalo. I’ll be intersted in her commenting on this girl… assuming she has the courage, which I doubt. Comon, Janeane, let’s hear from you. Explain this woman away. Oh… and to the rest of you; THIS is EXACTLY why I consider the Tea Parties so needful. I’m telling you; this is a message they can’t get around, under or over.

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